Astbury Bigfoot Summer 2016

Account Taken By Deborah Hatswell 6/7/17

Witness James Thomas: I encountered a Bigfoot last summer. I was walking on top of a hill near a golf course and I spotted a dark hairy figure move across the side of the hill, it moved through the long grass on the hill side and disappeared quickly.

I was just out walking for the afternoon. I had walked across the golf course. There was only a few people playing golf from what I remember. They were on other side of the course from where I was. I walked through the course, then walked down steps leading to a small wooden bridge above a stream, i then walked up a hillside and started walking along a footpath on top of the hill- that's when I saw it.
It wasn't a cat or a dog or a badger. It happened during afternoon. It was a warm sunny day. There was no on else around. I heard strange grunt sounds coming from trees and bushes near by. I walked away and haven't been to the area since.

I can't give you much info cause I only saw it for about a matter of seconds, it disappeared almost as soon as I saw it. It was like a ninja moving through long grass.It wasn't very big, it seems to be crouching down as it moved, it looked bout size of a human, its fur was black, it moved very fluently. I thought it was a monkey,. When I saw it and it vanished, I stood and waited for it to re appear. I thought it was an escaped zoo animal or something. It was next to Astbury golf course, Cheshire, I would like to go back to the area and video the Hill where i saw the Bigfoot and explain my account more.

The Area itself has everything we look for when looking for a British Bigfoot Account is in a good area not far from the Irwell Valley Route, if has Golfcourse. Country Park, Nature Reserve and the ever present Train Lines.