An Explosive’ encounter with ‘Yowie’ who ‘moved like an Ape with Human Characteristics’ in Oz bushland

A RESEARCHER says he had an "explosive encounter" with "Bigfoot" - a beast which "moved like an ape" but had human characteristics. David Taylor, 50, has been collecting evidence about the mythical creatures for the last 12 years across Queensland, Australia. He claims he has spotted the hairy creatures, known locally as yowies, "hundreds of times" but says nothing would ever match his first encounter. Mr Taylor first saw the beast at Dularcha National Park, an hour north of Brisbane, in 2008, he told Daily Mail Australia.

The father of 11 was reportedly on a bike ride with his ex-partner in the bushland when the couple became lost and he felt something dangerous was nearby. "Something made me look left, I didn't see anything, I didn't hear anything, I didn't smell anything I just felt compelled to look," he said. "It was huge, it took three steps. One step took it across the path that was as wide as a car, the second step it was into the bush and the third step it was totally gone." The legendary beast was only 100m away, stood seven feet tall and had a "strange fusion" of human and ape-like characteristics, it's alleged.
"It looked like an ape due to the hair but it had real human characteristics in how it was built and its behaviour," he said. "The facial features are more human and some parts of its hair was plaited. "The adrenaline that went through me was just explosive. I just wanted to get out of there as quick as I could."

The researcher said that experience was enough to get him hooked and he claims he has spotted them in southern Queensland, the Gold Coast and in Ingham, north Queensland. "I'm the kind of guy where I see something I won't believe in it but I won't call other people a liar," he told Daily Mail Australia.

The researcher claimed he has taken photographs of yowies in a bush and said he discovered a banana half-eaten by one. He has also reportedly spotted large footprints in the dirt he believes belongs to the legendary beast. 

Mr Taylor reportedly discovered a "foul-smelling" hair belonging to the half-human half-ape creature in a rural mountain range last February, according to Caters News Agency. One has apparently growled at him, threw rocks at him and he claim he's had tree branches hurled at him. He claimed that four or five surrounded him and while he doesn't think the beasts are violent, if they wanted to kill they would. He admitted that many of the photos are of poor quality but puts it down to difficulty controlling the nerves and the creatures reportedly disappearing within three seconds.