Todmorden Animal Mutilation Update, and Chinooks Fly Over the Area

This weeked we were able to investigate the Calf Mutilation case and give you all an update on the events.

17/7/20 Our Lead Investigator Lee Nicholson went out to the area to meet with the witness Alber Tyas. The calf is still in situ, and although decaded it has been mostly left alone by predators other than the odd fly. There is a very "burnt" looking stain below the calf on the ground, which I am informed by David Cayton is normal for animal mutilation cases. Myself, I think this may be natural and probably from bodily fluids breaking down. A number of soil samples were taken from directly underneath the carcass's original location and two more samples were taken by Lee and Albert from about 20ft away either side of the animal. 

No farmer as of yet has been found. And inquieries continue into finding who owns the calf and where was its original location. I do find it strange the animal is still out there. Where are its ear tags? Surely they should be very close to the body?  When cattle die on the farm or another premises, rather than at slaughter, the keeper must record and report the death to BCMS (British Cattle Movement Service) within 7 days of the death. You must also update your holding register within 7 days. If the animal is over 48 months old its carcase must go for TSE testing. 

The researchers checked EM levels with a phone based app, but they were nothing above normal background. We couldn't see any sign of the ear tag(s), nor anything unusual around the area. We also scanned the area with a powerful magnet  looking for any metallic debris, but nothing. A Second set of images from Albert show blow fly strike, and small predator activity. They also found a dead white chicken the same area, which again seemed odd. Inspecting the animal the researchers didn't see any signs of injury.

Lee Nicholson is working on a number of new sightings and images that have been unearthed since the calf was discovered on the 4th July. I will ofcourse keep you updated on Lee's progress as more news comes in.
A photo image has also been found by the researchers from nearby Hebden Bridge this happened last week. A number of reports of two chinooks were seen in the area of Hebden Bridge, and they were seen again on the following day pictures were taken. One of our members will be taking their witness statements over the next week. So our next step is to start door knocking and looking for anyone in the area who has information. 

As we know there are some very famous cases from Todmorden that I mentioned in part one of this series. I wanted to look for other cases reported in Todmorden or Hebden bridge that may not have made the papers. I knew there would be some out there and I wasnt disappointed.

The Vanishing Fishermen. 1999 - Witness Report: I visited Todmorden in 1999 and we stayed for four days. During this time I witnessed people disappearing in front of me in broad daylight.

They were fishing in a canal/ river type water and as I approached them to ask if they had caught anything they all disappeared about 30 yards in front of me and my Brother.

Location – Todmorden, West Yorkshire. A uniformed police officer was parked up in a layby when he observed a bright light that suddenly began to perform a series of spectacular angular manoeuvres for approximately 5-10 seconds before disappearing at speed from view. No noise was heard during the observation period. 

On the  21 August 2008 Graham Baker asked in a local forum for other witnesses to the strange UFO he saw close to Hebden Bridge. Did anyone else see the UFO travelling roughly west-east across HB tonight at 21.45? I’m not suggesting this was aliens but it was certainly unlike anything I’ve seen before in the night sky.

It was a fast-moving light travelling in a straight line and made no noise that I was aware of. It definitely wasn’t a helicopter and was moving too fast to be an airliner. (There was actually an airliner nearby to compare it with.) The light was also completely different - larger and more a blurred orange, so maybe it was debris or a comet burning up.

After a few seconds I was able to see the object - a squarish mass - and the light started to rotate round it. That was the oddest thing - quite creepy to watch. I then lost sight of it. There was no beam, so presumably it wasn’t a searchlight. Maybe the mass itself was rotating and burning on just one side - if so, suggesting debris or a comet. But I’ve seen comets before and they didn’t look like this thing, or appear to be as low flying. It was visible for perhaps 20 seconds.

Another gentleman stated ".I lived in Todmorden and I saw a lot of weird things. I remember seeing Green triangles over the farm at 2am. A UFO was sat wobbling over Blarney Castle for few nights and we saw a fast moving light that kept zig zagging over our heads on Woodhouse Road. Once day when I  was working on the farm when heard enormous sonic boom that seemed to end the sightings at the farm. I also had a friend who saw a UFO hover over their car early one morning on Moores road, but you tell folk that these days and they won't believe you.

Ralph Eatough made a report on Saturday, 27 December 2008 - Did anyone see two "orangish" lights (one followed 5 min after the other) moving east to west, directly over Hebden Bridge and Heptonstall on Boxing Day? Again I am not suggesting anything like Aliens but it was quite unlike anything we have seen before. Unfortunately we did not note the exact time. It was roughly between 6.00pm and 7.00pm.
The first light actually descended into the valley near Mytholm but we eventually lost sight of it. The second light appeared 5mins later and was travelling in almost exactly the same direction but this one gained altitude until it went out of sight above Mytholm.

In both cases there was no sound and the lights were travelling at about the speed of a helicopter.
We were actually playing with a telescope I had just purchased and managed to catch a glimpse of the second light through the viewfinder. It appeared to be an orange point source. If anyone else saw these lights or could offer an explanation please let me know!

Police receive 250 calls about a UFO between Hebden Bridge and Burnley - Lancashire has a long history of UFO sightings - with one in Burnley, in November 1995 prompting a staggering 250 calls on the same day.  On that occasion hundreds of members of the public reported they had seen an object in the sky which was travelling at high speed towards Hebden Bridge.

UFO Sighting in Hebden Bridge, England on 2008-06-29. 2:30am - Christopher Stokes August 20, 2019 - This object was glowing intensely and the light from the craft was spinning around the black spot so fast that it didnt look like it was spinning at all if that makes sense?. it was like a black hole or vortex,best way i can describe it. also it reminds me of those objects shown in the 'tether incident' nasa footage. the light was contained and what i mean is that my vision did not get distorted when looking directly at the orange and white light. not like when you look at the sun or a light bulb that is shining. it was dark outside and the craft did not light up its surroundings like the ground or nearby tree. this craft was in line with the roof of my house as it slowly glided along and lowered itself to where i could now see the top and side of the object. the top and side was pure white light, no orange light accept for little bits of orange light flickering up the sides from the underneath part. still i could see no physical part to it but on the side of the craft were two little red lights flashing back and forth from within the white glowing light. the craft eventually glided slowly past my house and then it made a sharp left hand turn,glided across the valley and up over the hillside across the valley from me. it then disappeared into the clouds above that hillside and i lost sight of it. this all happened in 2008 in the early hours and was still dark outside.