A Humanoid Figure, did IT throw a Salmon at me? Oct 2020

As many of you know the Cloddymoss area of Scotland is one we have watched for a number of years now. There have been many sightings of Upright Hairy Creatures, that steal fish from fisherman's nets and meat from the poachers cache. We have many images of strange finds from within the Culbin Forest and the marshy areas of Inverness, Deer legs in trees usually during the Rutting Season, many intricate stick and stone patterns left around the area, a number of natural blinds as well as the sightings of the humanoid figures. We find bones stored high in trees, huge tree trunks upright on pathways. 

The area is also known for strange light anomalies, Paranormal and UFO events. Grey shadow figures and all manner of strange noises. 

Even the forest itself has a haunting feel to it. The lost village of Culbin Sands lies buried beneath it. The entire town disappeared during a super storm of unrelenting wind and waves that arrived in the autumn of 1694. The storm which combined massive amounts of silt from the River and wind-driven sands which managed to completely cover and bury a prosperous shooting estate and village. 

The local folk that were out harvesting were obliged to abandon their tools in the cornfields and orchards and flee. They had clung to the hope that they would be able to return but the storm’s fury completely choked the land with sand, burying the village and its cottages, kirk and trees. Some of the dunes are 130 feet high. The dunes which had previously protected them had become their enemy and snuffed out their small town. As you walk through the forest you can still see the odd chimney pot poking above the ground.

There were accusations of witchcraft and tales that the laird had been playing cards on the sabbath with Satan himself with his estates as the stake. Modern science is pretty sure that it was a natural disaster. The Culbin forest has many a tale of ghostly pilots and there were a number of downed planes during the war that sadly came to their end in the forest. The area also has a natural quarry.

Over the years one visitor to the forest has documented and photographed many of the strange finds. They reached out to me recently after another strange set of events that had occurred to a family member on 8th Oct of 2020. "Hi Debs, I hope you are well and on the road to recovery. I am not too sure if this is of any interest to you, but there have been a series of "weird" goings on in the area where my relative lives, close the area where the strange hairy figures were reported.  A few weeks back now in September he was sitting watching tv when there was a very loud yeowling noise that sounded like a big cat! It was dark, around 10.30 pm, but his German Shepherd Dog shot to the window with his hackles up and growling. The area overlooks fields and forestry land. His two house cats shot off the couch and ran for cover, they were found hiding under a bed hissing furiously when he tried to get them out again.  

The yeowl lasted for approx 90 seconds. There was nothing to be seen even with a torch, but he could hear loud rustling noises beyond his garden. The Dog stayed behind him growling as whatever it was moved away. Last week 30/9/20 as he took the Dog for his late walk before bedtime they made their way round one of the fields. As they were walking three Roe Deer came running straight out of the forestry at high speed about 20 yards ahead of him. He had just managed to grab the Dogs collar to stop him chasing after the Deer when there was a loud crashing noise that sounded like something big shoving through the trees.  

He saw a very 'large dark shape' which stopped when It saw him and It turned back into the forest. When he described the height of this shape It was approx 7  feet tall!  It happened too fast for him to  get a photograph of it, and it was over in a matter of seconds.  

Then last night 8th October 2020 as he was walking the Dog he had a large Salmon thrown at him, but he couldn't see the thrower. He said all was totally silent out in the forest, there were no bird sounds, no small animals, nothing!  He did manage to get a photo of the Salmon though!  Have to say I had a similar thing happen at Cloddymoss a couple of years ago now when I was investigating the Hairy Man sightings"  The Salmon spawn anytime between late September and late February each year. Is this a coincidence?

I cant work out where the Salmon was thrown from. I think the only explanation is a passing Osprey, but there are none in the area that I know of? "He might have been more grateful for the Salmon if it hadn't hit him on his shoulder really hard, but as you can see from the photo it had taken a bit of a knock before reaching him. 

I would also say there is a very strange woman who has moved into a cottage near him, and she has taken to putting up hides and cameras in the woods and has even put up a notice warning people to keep out, but the land is not her woods, they belong to the big Estate!  Local rumour has it that she works for a tv company possibly the BBC. As the crow flies, it's not too many miles from my relatives house to the area where Felicity (the Puma) was caught by Ted Noble on his farm at Cannich some years back.  Honestly don't know if there could be a connection there!"

28th October - My relative was taking the dog for a wee walk along the farm road just now, and he heard wailing (?) it sounded like a cat on steroids (his expression)  It was a loud wailing, but it sounded as if it was off in the distance, so perhaps it was the same thing he heard a week or so ago!  The dog reacted to the wailing and  grumbled a bit, but the noise was going away from them, so not too upset. 

When investigating these reports and looking at cattle and pet disappearances in the area I came across some very distinct Cat killed sheep. They show all the signs of Cat attack, bites to the neck area and the carcass is dragged off into trees or covered with grass. But I also came across a number of stranger cases where the animal that had been killed had its skin removed by hand and every bone was picked clean of meat. There was no sign of cars or atv's at the scene, no human footprints or boot marks. 

One farmer stated "a hefty and healthy ewe of about 50kg was taken. Her wool was neatly peeled off her skin before it was eaten". Another farmer stated "that over the past five years, about 40 sheep from his flock have been found dead, apparently killed in one go, all neatly stripped of their skin before being eaten, Whatever animal is doing it, it manages to peel the skin off the sheep, probably because it doesn’t like the wool, and it skins the sheep in a most expert way - removing the skin along with the wool. “It has a very powerful bite. It crunches right through the bones and kills the animal very easily.

Other reports in the area include:

Clava Cairns Hairy Man Aug 2015 - One Witness made a report to a BBR member who is local to the area, the report was of a strange figure she saw whilst out walking. The witness wishes to remain anonymous but swears that she saw a 'Tall, Hair covered Humanish figure (her word) over at the Cairns about 2 weeks ago. The Creature was described as about 7-8 feet tall by her estimation. It was just at dusk, and the sighting only lasted for a few seconds , the lady watched while the 'Thing' crossed the site and made off into the trees in the direction of the battlefield. The Cairns lie in the valley of the River Nairn, and there are standing stones/cairns along its length which flows right down to the sea. The river is known for its Salmon and Sea trout and there are a lot of Roe Deer in the area. It is also close to moorland where there are Grouse and Red deer, Rabbits, Hare etc. 

Our researcher stated "I know the battlefield is haunted, the locals speak of the sound of bagpipes can be heard on a quiet night and the ghosts of the Highland Forces are often seen on the eve of the anniversary of the battle in April". Clava Cairns -is a protected Area of natural beauty and is about 1/2 a mile from Culloden Battlefield.

Nairn Valley Big Hairy Thing Multiple Sightings 2015 - Report taken 2nd September 2015.

Our team member was so interested in finding out more, so they started to ask around the local people if they had noticed or heard anything about a strange Wild Man or any weird activity in the area. And they continue to do so even now. "Whilst visiting the Culloden area I spoke to a croft owner who has a croft at the north end of the railway viaduct that runs over the River Nairn. Whilst discussing the earlier wildman sighting at Cava Cairns, I was asking around to see if he or any of the other crofters had noticed any animals missing or any strange activity on the land:  Witness A, The Witness stated that he had seen the same figure that was described by the witness close to the battle field. "He had seen 'the Big Hairy Man' walking along the railway line in a southerly direction from the forestry behind his croft, It was walking towards the viaduct/cairns on quite a few occasions, but he couldn't be pinned down to an exact number of times! He also said his Dogs were going nuts each time the Figure went by. Also with the witness was another man who wished to remain unnamed for reasons that will become clear. 

Witness B: A male from the area of Nairn Valley and Clava Cairns who is  out in the fields late at night and early in the morning frequently. He says he has seen something about 3 - 4 times now in the dim light. The first time this happened he was out in the fields, and he heard 'someone' approaching him coming along the river bank, thinking it was a water bailiff or a game keeper  he dived for cover. As It passed him It appeared to be enormous both in height and width, and 'stank' to high heaven! He couldn't get a good look at the Thing on that occasion.

His best view of the Creature was one night when he had his nets out on the River and he had walked away downstream (presumably to scare the fish towards the net, although he didn't specify that) When he came back about half an hour later, he said: "This bloody Great Hairy Thing was taking the fish from my net". He yelled at It to scare It off, and It stood up, turned - complete with the fish and walked off into the trees. It wasn't in any hurry! Our researcher asked the witness for a height estimate and as he is 6"3 he thinks the "Thing" was around 7ft tall and much broader in the chest than himself. He has also seen the Creature on other occasions on the opposite bank of the River, but It would keep a big distance between him and would not come within 30 feet, and It tried to hide in the tree/bush line.He also mentioned in the passing that his brother xxxxxxxxx has seen the same figure cross the actual battlefield at Culloden.

There are other reports in the Mountain Ranges and around the many Lochs to all four corners of the Clava Cairn reports. You can access them here Map of Sighting Reports


  1. Hello.
    I'm from Olhao, Faro, Portugal, and did a PhD in Zoology at Aberdeen University, Scotland. For my PhD thesis, I carried out fied work at Culbin Sands between February 1994 and December 1996. I would like to add sightings of a Puma (sand colour) in Udny Green (near Ellon) and another (black colour) at Culbin. Also a sighing of a large foot print (clearly humanoid) at Culbin. And a triangular UFO beween Newburgh and Udny Green. Aslo, to measure the area covered by musselbeds, I had to use MIDAS II parabolic antenna (used by astronauts in space) because I could not use the usual GPS equipment at Culbin Sands. This is just to tell a few things that happened to me at Culbin and E of Scotlant.
    By the way, on the global map, could you add quite a few things for me, please, based on my own sighings? In Olhao area in the last 5 years: Hairy humanoid, green faries (appeared when fishermen used special lasers to confuse fish - some lights were not from the fishermen and moved randomly) and smokey falling Alien spacecraft which fell on the sea and everone saw, photographed and filmed. Close to Serpa area, Alentejo, Portugal: A couple of Lions (it appeared to be slighty smaller than other lions; they were not Mountain Lions). I investigated online: Archaelogists recently dug bones of the extict European Lion which were meals of pre-historic men. There remains were found in the Algarve. Serpa is probaby 20 km from the Algarve. But honestly, I found weider things happening in Oman, where I spent more than a decade.
    I felt that I could share this with the world. They were equally real.
    I do not take drugs, smoke or drink. No medication as well. I'm very sceptical, try to find rational explanations, but I cannot before these sightings. There is something else that we were not prepared to see, but we have to start to speak about these things. To increase our collective knowlege.
    Vanda Mendonca, https://www.linkedin.com/in/vandamendonca/


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