A Four Legged Animal Screaming. Autumn 2017. Delamere, Cheshire.

Witness Report, Jayne Reed: Hi Debra. I came across your blogpost where you were reporting on the strange goings on at Delamere Forest after a man reported something flying across the road in front of his vehicle on the A556 this year. In the article you mentioned a map and included a link to it. Curiosity got the better of me and I looked at the map and realised that something I reported to the Go Ape Centre may be of interest to you. I live in a small village called Great Barrow and it's a sleepy little place where nothing ever happens. Sometimes on a weekend I meet my friend from work at the Station Cafe at Delamere. We each have a small dog, and it's a treat to meet up, walk the dogs in the woodland and then return for hot tea and a cake before setting off home.

I must admit I have never experienced anything unusual there before or in general really. And I thought what I heard was an animal like a Llama or a Camel in great distress. In fact I was so upset I phoned the Go Ape Centre to complain and they advised me they don't keep any animals on the grounds? I waited until Monday and re-rang them just to be on the safe side, but once again they could not provide me with an explanation as to what we heard the saturday just gone. So I looked on google to see if there were any farms that had Lama, Donkey's or any Ungulate close by. But I have not been able to see any.

That day it was around 3pm ish! as we were making our way back to the cars and the cafe. We had walked up to the North end where the path splits into two? We took the left hand fork which takes you along a trail almost back to the lake and the Station Cafe. We didn't see too many people out further than the lakeside, and it was raining off and on quite hard. We were walking, we were chatting and watching the dogs, then from nowhere came this scream, that's the only thing I can describe it as, not human but I think it was an animal. The closet I could put it too would be something like a Goat, Lama, Donkey or Horse. It was like a long continuous scream with each brey? 

There is an app my Grandson plays  with an annoying Goat as the central character. It sounded like that but over and over for about 10 seconds. It was high pitched and awful. The dogs shot off into the brush and we had a job getting them both back on their leads. They didn't run to the sound but in the opposite direction from where the scream is coming from.

I honestly thought it was an animal at a petting zoo in the centre. Go Ape gives the impression there are monkey's and animals there. Now I know it's just for humans and kids. I am an animal lover and this has really played on my mind. I have heard of Roman soldiers that are seen on the road. But I had no idea all these other peculiar goings on have happened. Then when I read the blog and you said someone reported a screaming Donkey I wondered if it was the same year? or in the same area? I think this was in 2017, but I could be a few months out.

Thank you for listening

Jayne Reed. Oct 2020