The Bat Beast of Kent 1963

The Bat Beast of Kent sighting was an extraterrestrial sighting that took place on the evening of November 16, 1963 on Sandling Road in the county of Kent. The two witnesses 17-year-old John Flaxton and 18-year-old Mervyn Hutchinson.
The two witnesses were walking home from a party with several other friends when they noticed a large, glowing orb hovering high in the air. The unusual, self illuminated, ovoid object, which was described as being just a few meters in diameter, hovered above a field. It eventually made its way behind the trees and settled into the foliage of the woods at Sandling Park.

Moments after the craft apparently landed behind the trees, the teens noticed a shaking in the brush and a strange creature emerged.

In the 1970s, ufologist Chris Wolfe also re-opened the case of this almost avian anomaly. According to records, he interviewed Flaxton and also inspected the scene of the unearthly encounter. Following his investigation, Wolfe came to the dubious conclusion that what Flaxton, Hutchinson and their chums actually saw was an ordinary crow oddly illuminated by the flashing of an electric train passing not far away in the chilled autumnal air.

The area itself is surrounded by other strange accounts and witnesses coming forward who have seen strange humaniod like creatures. Only a short distance away is the area The Medway Footprints were found, and within easy walking distance we have two UK Bigfoot sightings The Beast of Bluebell Hill and the Chatham Apeman, with many other sightings within a few miles. will take you to the sighting reports.

In my own opinion i find it hard to see how you would think a 19" on average beaked bird could be mistaken for a 5ft headless Creature, even when backlit. 

The area although urban in itself is surrounded by many country parks, wooded areas, rivers and streams and lots of areas unused by the public.

I would like to thank Sephysaurus for the information on this sighting. 23/4/16