Lurchers Crag Footsteps and a feeling of being followed

Peter Densham, a local forester and climbing enthusiast, decided one day in 1945 to climb Ben Macdui and arrived at the summit cairn around noon. It was a clear day and the panorama from Britain’s second highest mountain that day was breathtaking. However, the mist soon descended and he decided to finish off his lunch and make his way back. Knowing the hill well, he was in no way disturbed by the mist and poor visibility. Setting off he soon heard the familiar ‘crunch, crunch’ on the plateau behind him. Intrigued rather than afraid he went to investigate, thinking of the Grey Man and the paranoia of others. As he got closer he too was suddenly accosted by a sense of foreboding and his desire to flee the mountain became intense. Without even thinking, instinct took over and he was soon running hell for leather to the valley below, barely missing the steep cliffs of Lurchers’ Crag. Peter Densham was left shaken, and utterly convinced that something unnatural stalked the mountains.