The Cator Park Figure

It was my friends 16th, and we were all in Cator Park (a park in South East London, near Surrey). Anyways I go over to some bushes that lead off to houses to take a piss (I had been drinking a lot lol). Anyways Im standing there and I hear a russle, and then a garden light turned on in one of the houses infront of me. Naturally I look up in the direction of the light and I see something moving towards me, it was HUGE, a considerable amount taller than me (And Im about 6 foot 3/4). It was considerably hairy, I could see its outline in the light. It also had a very hard heavy breathing, and it had a nasty smell. Im of course bricking it so I run back over to my friends and franticly ask them if we can leave, Im on the verge of tears because Im so scared, one of my mates sits me down and kept asking me "Matthew are you alright whats wrong??" because I rarely get so scared I cry. Then my other friend was looking over at the bushes and she suddenly said really loudly "Oh my god whats that running across the park??" and this thing ran across the park into the bushes where I had seen something. 

I dont know what the hell it was, but it scared the # out of me and I dont think I have ever gone back to that park on a full moon.