Stowe-by-Chartley A Huge Chimp? 1986

Stafford, Staffordshire ST18, UK

Late one evening in September 1986, Mick Dodds and his wife were driving his mother-in-law back to her home, which was a small but picturesque cottage Staffordshire, England in the village of Stowe-by-Chartley. 

All was completely and utterly normal until Dodds passed by the ancient and ruined Chartley Castle that overlooks the A518 road when something terrible and terrifying put in an unearthly appearance…

Mr Dodds says that after dropping his mother-in-law off at her home, he and his wife began the journey back to their own house, and what they assumed would be a stress-free, night-time drive through Staffordshire’s countryside. How wrong the pair was, what they witnessed that night is something neither of them will forget.

Mr Dodd explained, that as they drove along the road, at the side of Chartley Castle, he was forced to violently and suddenly slam on the brakes as a huge stag ambled slowly – yet majestically, too – across the road directly in front of them. It was crossing in front of them and was a sight to see.

The sight of the massive beast was enough to shock and amaze Mr Dodds and his wife. But that was nothing at all compared to what he explained happened after this, prince of the forest walked by. Mr Dodds explained, as the huge stag made its slow yet deliberate way across the road, his wife suddenly screamed at the sight of what looked like a large chimpanzee that came bounding after the stag from the darkness of the field that sat to the right of their car. Half way across the road, the chimpanzee creature stopped suddenly, looked directly at the terrified husband and wife and, to their utter horror and consternation, charged their vehicle – but, at the very last moment, backed away from actually causing any structural damage to the car, or physical harm to the fear-stricken pair. A bluff charge so to speak.

Mr Dodds said that in his overwhelming panic to quickly put the vehicle into reverse gear, he stalled its engine, and then, even worse still, ended up completely flooding it as he raced to try and re-start the car. As an inevitable result, the Dodds were briefly stranded in the road with a hairy ape like thing looming wildly in front of them. For about twenty seconds the creature stared at both husband and wife, and on two other occasions again headed for their vehicle at full speed, “like it was going to attack,” before finally bounding off to the left, and, so it appeared at least, in a direction that specifically followed that of the huge stag – which, by now, was seemingly long gone.

Mr Dodds and his wife made a hasty retreat and to this day still wonder what they saw on that road that night ?