The Ryvoan Tarf Boffy Terror 2005

This Account came in throught the Outdoors Magic camping blog and happened around August 2005:

I had a really spooky experience on Sunday night. I had been out on the Cairngorms alone and decided to spend the night in Ryvoan bothy which I had never visited before. I reached the bothy after dark andit was empty. I sorted out my therm-a-rest, sleeping bag and bivvy bag and read for a while by my headtorch light before turning in for the night. I was awoken at 2am by the noise of loud conversation which seemed to be coming from outside and went out and investigated with my headtorch but there was no-one to be seen. I got back into bedand was just getting back to sleep when all off a sudden I heard a series of loud scraping noises as if somone were dragging heavy furniture around the bothy floor!! I flicked on my headtorch and the room was empty and the noise stopped. My heart was in my mouth at this stage as I felt really creeped out and I just couldnt sleep after that. To my horror the noises started up again only louder this time as if a heavy wooden object were being dragged around next to my ear and once again I flicked on my headtorch and the noise suddenly stopped - well that was it! I sat up all night and made a speedy exit back to the car at first light! Has anyone else experienced any weirdness in this bothy.

I should add that I'm very used to wild camping by myself and have never experienced any feeling of fear or had any unusual experiences like this before but I know I wont be returning to Ryvoan Bothy again!!!