The Strange Creature of Swannington Lincs 2015

Witness statement Emma Adam: I want to report something that happened to me and my sister a few years ago. We still don't know to this day what we saw, nothing on Google is matching it, someone said it could be red deer as they will stand on two, feet but this was no deer. We drove along Limby Hall lane Swannington in Leicestershire as we wanted to walk the dogs somewhere different, my sister lived Eastwood Nottingham at the time so she came over slept the night at mine in Whitwick, it was getting darkish but there was still enough light two walk our dogs, it was roughly Feb at 10/11pm time 2015. My sister was the driver, I was passenger. As we went down the lane a man came out from the fields with three dogs and thought nothing off it. We stopped to let them pass as it is a single road so you can’t turn your car, we went a few pull ins along it, but still not enough room to turn car. We carried along the road for some time and then in the distance from the car headlights we could see something was walking across the road strangely, it was very tall I would say at least 7/8ft tall and It looked injured as it walked across the road slowly with a limp and an arched back. It was very wide and all black, as the headlight didn't reach it properly. I said to my sister stop the car wtf is that??? She said “I have no idea” she pressed her horn and it stopped in the middle of the road and stared at the car, I told my sister put the main beam on. As she did it still wasn't close enough to light it all up the only thing that did light up was it's eyes, it was reflecting nut not just two eyes. This thing had multiple reflective eyes. It just stood there in the road for ages. Then it walked with what I believe to be a limp into the woods in the field, and was gone. At this point we are both bricking it, we pressed the central locking as we couldn’t turn car round and we had to go forward towards where it had stood. As we went past the point where it went into the woods it was pitch black and my sister floored it. Now on telling people this they don't believe you until it happens to them. We Googled to find this creature but can't find anything. Only two things we found however they both have two eyes or one is Black Annis or a Werewolf. The next day we went back as my sister ended up staying the night at mine and took our we took our two dogs. As we got near the wood where it went in, we heard a very strange sound one I have never heard before, just opposite cows were in the field all curious and they walked to the fence looking over at what the nose was. We got a piece of grass and made a noise to see what response we would get. It was very eerie in the woods like someone watching you. A pile of poo looked kinda like cow pat/ horse poo. No way a cow or a horse could get in it was over grown and a fence was around it. Where it went in was a gap, although it was very over grown. We have been back to the same spot several times with camera but no luck, I don't think we will ever find it. Its very well hidden this thing or it runs fast. Im not sure what we saw that day but i know we need to report it to somebody.