The Black Cat of Taff Bargoed 2009

Witness C Driver: There had been lots of talk about a creature roaming around the mountains close to my home for a few weeks. People were talking about it and wondering what it was? At that point it was just local gossip and i hadn't seen it myself. One evening as it was just getting dark, i was at home and I heard something in the garden, i went over to the window to see what had made the noise, and to my surprise there in the garden was a really large black cat and it was there staring back at me. It wasn't a domestic cat, or somebodies pet, it was far too big and bulky. At that point i remembered the back door was open and at first i didn't want to move, but thinking about safety and realising it could come into the house, (although it made no move to do that) I went to close the door as quick as i could, i ran back and checked the window and it was gone.

I don't know if it was me being calm or the stance of the Cat, but I didn't feel threatened by it at all, The area we lived in was at the bottom of the mountain with a stream/river a few houses down. All the gardens had low walls at the back, so I just assumed it had come from the mountain for a look around.
This cat was pretty big, much bigger than a domestic cat or a fox, it was all black in colour, I have a big Doberman at home and it was bigger than her......

The Daily Post Newspaper released an article stating: Since 2011 there have been 10 official reports made to Wales Police of large feline like creatures resembling panthers, pumas or lynx's according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. They have been allegedly spotted in fields, hedges and even along the roadside in places including Wrexham, Denbigh, Mold, Caernarfon and Llandudno. One report, made in March 2011 in Ruthin, even claimed a lamb carcass had been stripped to the bone in connection with big cats. One witness Pam told how she was coming back late one night when: “I heard a humming noise. It sounded like a generator. Then I saw the puma behind a tree in the garden and it turned into a growl. She was waiting for me. I thought, damn and I banged on the door.” She said the wild cat did not attack. 
The Daily Post has also reported that from 2001 to 2008, FOI figures showed North Wales Police had logged 45 alleged sightings across North Wales including claims the cats were seen killing other animals. Wales could afford them an environment to survive, with large swathes of countryside and woodlands to hide and live in. 
Big cats are known to be adaptable to different climates and like to keep to themselves and usually stay far away from Humans.

Here at British Bigfoot Research i get so many Large Cat reports come in, and it seems there isn't anyone collating this data or mapping the accounts. I think with the wealth of reports that come in the whole country wide, there would be an Official Uk where people could make the reports, it seems the witnesses have limited choices, to stay quiet, contact the police, of the newspapers. I have no doubt at all that big cats roam the UK, sadly we could be helping to establish a safe environment for them, as with all things unknown humans panic, and unlike this lovely lady above who kept her cool in the presence of a puma sized animal, would probably hunt it down and run it from the area, with torches lit, and cries of monster ringing through the trees.

If we add up the total number of accounts made in the UK since the 1980’s it would know doubt be a shocking number. I myself have collect around 45 and i only started to look for reports in May 2016?