Bigdog Forest, Ireland, the strangest Tree of All?

This was sent to me by a walker who lives in Ireland and is an avid outdoors man

He was surprised when he saw the tree, whilst he was walking this weekend with another dozen or so hikers using the Bigdog Forest Trail. As you can see the tree is upside down, similar to the ones we see in America and Canada.

Described as being around 20 foot in length, the tree’s root system is where the canopy should be?? Is this weather? Does anybody have an explanation for this, or why the tree would be inverted??

I honestly don't know how or why this tree is like this. but it's twenty foot if an inch and I was astounded when I saw it. It's the first one ever. The area is wilderness with very few people, just small criss crossing roads and hectares and hectares of trees. I thought you would like the picture, and like yourself I would like to know a lot more.

Big Dog Forest Walk is part of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. Big Dog Forest is 1,000 hectares in size and is cloaked largely with conifers. This beautiful short walk allows you to explore some of Fermanagh’s best upland landscapes, and the forest is inhabited by wildlife as varied as red deer, herons and dragonflies.

D. L. Hatswell 14/1/18