A Misty Figure Holding a Lamp.

"Here is the information your requested regarding my Dad's experiences in the Paull area of Yorkshire. I commented on your youtube video about a man who had an experience on Newland Lane, Paull.

We lived at Hedon from 1983 to 1993, firstly at Clough Garth (Which backed onto the old, disused Withernsea to Hull railway line) which my sister and I used to walk to and from the South Holderness School during the 1980's. This area was known for strange activity, I can't remember experiencing anything out of the ordinary during this time but it was certainly very spooky on cold winter nights.

In 1986, we moved to Harwood Court flats on Thormgumbald Road as Mum and Dad were going through difficulties so we downsized. My Dad had been walking the neighbours dog from next door on Clough Garth and carried on doing so after we moved.

Scott, was a huge, shaggy irish wolfhound who wasn't scared of anything, but was very affectionate and fussy with humans generally. Dad experienced two particularly frightening experiences whilst walking down the lonely Haven Basin Road with Scott. One night he came back as white as a sheet - Mum said to him he looked like he'd seen a ghost. Dad stuttered that he actually thought he had - a misty figure that he could see right through appeared out of the bushes holding what seemed to him to be a light or lamp, at which point the dog started literally snarling. As he approached he went icy cold and the figure dematerialised in front of him! Needless today Scott ran away in terror closely followed by my Dad.

The second experience was something I suspect happened to him on more than one occasion - the overwhelming fear and feeling of being watched in that general area whenever he was walking there, but also on Farbridge Lane which is further towards Paull. Mum and I also used to walk our cairn terrier in the area during the day but I never liked it, desolate, remote and flat.....

Hedon was a major port in its own right before the City of Hull came into being. The Haven Staithes area was the location of the ships berthing up to the middle ages and was a bustling area until it started to silt heavily and was abandoned. The whole area is notorious for paranormal activity.