Kinder Scout Footsteps 2014

Witness report:2014
i was Camped on top of kinder scout one night in the peak district near to a ww2 bomber crash site and awoke to here someone or something walking right next to my tent at about 4am, but i was too cold and tired to have a look what it was... Also same bomber crash site but another night and experienced by a friend not myself, he awoke in the middle of the night needing a pee lol and when he got out of his tent it was very smoky and all the heather around appeared to be and smelled burnt but he thought nothing of it, in the morning he got out of his tent and the was no smoke or smell or any evidence of any of the heather being burnt...

Up on Edale Moor, close to the south-eastern flanks of Kinder Scout can be found the remains of a World War 2 bomber. It's quite tricky to find if you don't have a grid reference and GPS device. And that's before you even consider negotiating the deep, damp groughs in the area.

But it's this particular part of the moor where hardy ramblers often encounter strange sounds, apparitions and more. Most instances involve the sightings of a fire along with grey figures wandering around in a daze. While other stories involve people being helped off this part of the moor (as they're usually lost) by men dressed in RAF attire from days gone by.
It seems the peak district itself and kinder scout have many strange occurances.