Compton Woods Berks Jan 2016

Witness Account: Phil. 

i was out today in the car, a normal everyday trip, i still had my work gear on, and the dog with me, it was cold and windy but a really nice day, so i figured a walk in the woods would do us both the world of good. so we set off on the short 2 mile ride.  i pulled up in the car and went to get the dog out and she refused, she’s never done this before and it seemed strange but i just thought sod it to be honest, i had my model Rock Crawler truck in the car and decided to just spend some time using that in the hopes she would change her mind. the woods is split by a country road with an offshoot that is sided by big banks. i usually go on one side of it but this time i decided to go in the opposite direction.

i was running the truck up and down and generally having fun, for about 10 mins still in my hi-vis jacket and cap and the trucks whirring away making a racket, so i keep my earphones in and just decide to stay out for 20mins or so, and unwind. Then i heard strange noises, loud enough that i could still hear them. i took the headphones out, thinking it was wind and heard wood cracking, i presumed it was a tree breaking in the wind, but it just kept happening, crack, crack, crash, so im starting to become confused, if it was deadfall from the wind, why is it happening over and over, i just couldn’t make it out. i realised it was coming from the other bank, along the new cut for the power lines, so the path underneath them was cut well back and a few trees had been removed, so i thought it might be workers or something, but then it stopped, and im just about to put my earphones back in and i hear a really strange sound, and i know how ridiculous this sounds but almost like really loud flatulence but much much louder, so loud i ducked as i thought it was an engine or something above me, i have no idea what that was at all, i decided to start back towards the car so i start heading downhill,im running the truck up and down and a movement in the corner of my eye made me look up, and i saw something dark about half way the height of the tree trunk move back behind the trees, it was a pine tree that had been coppiced or damaged as its trunk had split into 3 parts. It was really quick, but i could make out a head, arm, legs, all black not shiny or anything just matt black, and it moved really fast, i was so shocked i just stood there for what felt like 20mins frozen, scared rigid but unable to move, i couldnt take my eyes off that trunk, i thought something un-human was going to come out from behind it, i just stood there, i dont think i even blinked, eventually i realised i had to go and look or run, i dont know how i did it but i looked around and found a large thick stick, i was so scared i’d dropped the truck remote on the ground without realising, i carried the stick and circled the trees and there was nothing there, nothing, and then i realised he/it could of walked backwards into the trees without me seeing him from where i was stood. iv been out a million times and today changed everything for me, whatever i saw was not human, it wasn’t huge i guessed around my height 5ft 8 but it moved so swiftly and was gone. the ground had heavy leaf cover, so i couldn’t see if anything had been walking through, but i will never go in the woods again without keeping my eyes out for anything like that again. i did notice in the area some sticks and i have photographed them as they seemed so out of place.