Very Strange Accounts of a "human faced wolf" from RAF Alcolnbury 1970's

First Witness Account: I encountered a werewolf (lack of better description) in England in 1970, I was 20 yrs old when I was stationed at RAF Alconbury. I was in a secure weapons storage area when i encountered it. It seemed shocked and surprised to been caught off guard and I froze in total fright.I was armed with a .38 and never once considered using it. There was no aggression on its part. I could not comprehend what I was seeing.It is not human. It has a flat snout and large eyes.It's height is approx 5 ft and weight approx.200 lbs.It is very muscular and thin. It wore no clothing and was only moderately hairy. It ran away on its hind legs and scurried over a chain link fence and ran deep into the dense wooded area adjacent to the base. I was extremely frightened but the fear developed into a total commitment of trying to contact it again..

I was obsessed with it. I was able to see it again a few weeks later at a distance in the wooded area. I watched it for about 30 seconds slowly moving through the woods and I will never forget my good fortune to encounter it.... and to know this "creature" truly does lives among us.,,,,,,, Little did this witness know that 3 yrs later three airman serving at this same site, saw the same creature climb a fence and run off into the north woods (monks wood).

Second Set of Accounts: Dennis Prisbrey, was stationed here between 1973/5, and he told his colleagues he saw a “creature” near the north side of the airfield.  One sighting of it scared a colleague so much that he jumped into the cockpit of an aircraft and refused to get out. The creature was also seen climbing over the security fence, and entering the North Woods. 

Wesley Uptergrove also saw it, and said he tried to pursue it in a truck. He described it as 5ft 9″ tall, with human-like eyes, a flat nose, and large ears.