Dorking Depe Dene Creature

Witness Statement: William Bull:

Hi I just saw your post about an Ape or something in Dorking,  which I have definitely encountered before.  I was visiting an abandoned tunnel in Dorking Deepdene, which I had been to before with Twp friends,  All went fine got some great pictures and when i got back i told my brother who really wanted to visit it.   So I eventually agreed to take him back there.

it was late evening when we went back one night, we found the tunnel again and just before i was about to climb in, he tapped me and said "I can hear something,"  So obviously I thought it just other people/explorers doing the same thing as us, nothing to worry about, so we moved out on to some grass to wait for them to finish so we could carry on, i sat and listened, but I couldn't hear anything so i suggested we carry on. I hadn't really noticed the two dogs barking, when all of a sudden this loud Roar which I can't explain happened which shut the two dogs up straight away, it was the silence that made me realise the background noise of the dogs, and never heard them bark again after that Roar.

The next minute all these branches started to snap like something was coming rapidly through the trees towards us, it was moving the trees, breaking and snapping branches like they were twigs and then it stopped suddenly, after a couple of minutes of silence my brother whispered, "Will what was hell was that?"  I slowly whispered back "I don't know mate but just don't move because what ever it is it's big"

We stood there for 10 Min's not saying a word just listening, I felt like it was watching us but didn't say anything but you could feel it staring but couldn't see it anywhere.  My brother then whispered, "Will can we go", I whispered back slowly, "No what ever that is I'm not having that chase me while we're walking (running) off".  So we stood there for another 10 Min's in silence waiting, We heard more noise but nothing like the first time, more like something walking about on the dead leaves but that could have been anything, so eventually we did leave, Slowly! 

I've been to countless abandoned places and woods and never once heard anything like it.  All I could explain to people was maybe it was some kind of Ape or Bigfoot things because I don't know off anything in the UK that big, that's wild that could brake branches like they were nothing, I didn't speak about it much as I can't explain what the noise was or what it could have been except something big and not native to this country,

Anyways I went back there in the day a few days later to see if I could see anything and we found in the woods a foot marking of a big footed creature/thing, which had walked through the woods which was probably around 20 inches long and 8 inches wide at the top and about 3 wide at the bottom. My foot looked like a kids shoe in the clear print, Still to this day I don't really speak about it as I thought no one would ever believe me until I saw this post earlier! I will try dig out the photo of the foot print..!!

 I would love to find out what it actually was as I've never heard or experienced anything like that before and I still haven't to this day. How odd that somebody else had asked about it just as I'd seen your post yesterday and I couldn't believe that somebody else had also seen or had the same sort of experience as me, (the Boxhill Ape account) saying it was some sort of ape as that was also all I could put it down to, to be that high up in the trees snapping and moving through branches like they were sticks.