Local Artist Ridicules Salford Witnesses 2015

L. S. Lousey of Irlam Salford who's real name is Glen Vaudrey is a local dauber and he has hosted the convention Weird Weekend for a number of years, he says he is understanding of the UK Cryptid scene and has on a number of occasions asked for myself or witnesses I have spoken too to appear, alas due to my physical disability i was unable to oblige, luckily i feel i may have dodged a bullet, as for 2yrs running Mr Vaudrey has sent me numerous messages asking for help with his group on facebook and also his conferences, all of which i have done. So you can imagine how dismayed i was to find out yesterday, not only had Mr Vaudrey been painting two pictures that would ridicule myself and the other two witnesses to the Salford Wildman, he now states in his comments that we were taking magic mushrooms at the time and imagined a tree stump to be the bigfoot in question.

I may be in my 50's now, but i have elderly parents that could read those comments and would be upset and hurt, the other witnesses are themselves in their 70's and should not be accused of this rubbish by anyone let alone a man who claims to be a cryptozoologist. 

From a man who writes pamphlets on Mermaid's.   The mind boggles, did he disbelieve us all along? then why ask us to attend and speak at his aptly name Weird Weekend? did he paint these paintings as payment for declining his offer, or as it seems to me, Mr Vaudrey is interested in cash money, no more no less.  How many other witnesses will he upset, i don't suppose he cares, i have tried to ask him to take down the shameful innuendo he makes about myself and the others, but all to no avail, it seems without the reference to the people who suffered with this, the picture isn't worth a dot, but buy jumping on our bandwagon he can hike up the price, well Mr Vaudrey sir, you suffered non of the sleepless nights or fear filled days, why should you profit from it in any way shape or form

D. L Hatswell written with the permission of Brenda P and Thomas C. 8/4/16