Helmshore Heavy Walker Autumn 2016

There comes a time for all of us, when life seems to fight you and your luck turns bad, and it can even sometimes make you homeless and this account comes from a witness called Alan and at the time of his experience he had nowhere to stay, with his two Dogs and a tent he made home here for the time being in the hope of finding work and setting down some roots.

He had set up and had settled in, and for a few nights everything was fine, he was just off the river, didnt see anybody and figurered he would be ok here untill the weather turned really bad.  It wasnt such a bad place to be after all, untill that all changed.

Although he never saw what bothered him night after night, and what made him feel watched day after day, what made the knocks on trees and snapped branches and launched them in to his camp area, he was never brave enough to go and look, for as he described it, it seemed to be walking in such a way as to make him aware it was there, loud thumping feet in the leaves, rustling that was louder than any small animal could make, things moved when he was away from the camp and it was clear something had been through his things, nothing was missing and few times he could feel eyes on him as he zipped up for the night, but around 1am something wood come to his camp from the south east, it made walking noises, not scurrying like an animal, and although of a similar bulkiness of a Cow, this thing was much heavier and sounds much larger but never came within eyesight. What ever it was stayed within the trees.  His two Dogs never made a sound and as they were Staffs were more than capable of seeing to themselves, but they didn't want to leave the tent until Alan did each morning.

After too many nights like this over about a month or too, he used the excuse of Winter to head of into Rossendale and looked for shelter there.

When he was interviewed by a family member of mine, as i couldn't travel to see him, he came across as honest and puzzled and a little scared by the experience, he hadn't heard of the British Bigfoot or any Cryptid, he just had something happen that he shared with a friend, who gave him my name and contacted me on his behalf.

I'm going to keep in contact with Alan as i think a little more may have happened and he isn't ready to share it yet.  His closing reply was "there is something huge moving around in the trees up there, I'm just glad i didn't see it".