The Dog Acted Strange Sept 2016

The following was posted in BeastWatch UK yesterday by a gentleman named Tom. Although he doesn't believe in the British Bigfoot, he said I was more than welcome to share his story. Liam Dorricott 17/8/2016
"Bit of a strange 1 this morning whilst our training the pup.We went to a new place today, high up on the mountain. Thick conifer plantation with wide open heath land. Lots of white grass, reeds and sedges, ideal ground.
Anyways, parked up and walked the short distance up the forestry track. A few simple retrieves into the woods etc all going fine. Out on to the heathland and a lovely training session. But then it all went funny, sent teal out for a nice marked retrieve.. picked no problem at all, then on her way back to me she just stopped dead in her tracks spat the dummy out and started staring and growling into the woods just behind me. Now anybody who knows teal will know her only downfall is her obsession with retrieving, nothing else matters until that dummy is in my hand. So for her to stop and actually spit the dummy I knew something wasn't right.After a little while and some encouragement I got teal to come into me, so we moved to another area to do a bit more. But she wasn't having none of it and just seemed unsettled. So I decided to call it for the day. On the way back to the car through the forestry track I decided to just give her another simple dummy on the inside of the wood, just to try and end on a high note. But she was not interested at all. She would go out and stop just short of the tree line and stand there pacing, looking into woods but go no further. So I ended up picking it up myself. It was a funny old morning and I had.