Bigfoot on the Road to Tay Fife 1995 2005

This account was sent over to me by Cliff Barakman of the BRFO. In very beautiful part of Scotland, less than a mile from the Tay estuary and close to the A92 at the five roads roundabout a gentleman who was driving encountered a strange hairy human type figure. Bordered by thick trees  and foliage on both sides of the road. A Witness was driving home from work and was proceeding down the road he had travelled many times before. This is his account in his own words.

After navigating The Five roads roundabout, I was driving home southbound on the  A92 when my headlights picked out what I thought was a man standing by the left hand side of the road. I could see his figure clearly and as I approached the figure stepped out in front of my car and I naturally brought it the car to a  halt to avoid hitting the individual.  This ‘person’ was a large hairy ape like creature which turned to look at the car as I approached. It’s eyes gave out a shine which was very noticeable and it crossed the road in about 3 large strides.  I felt uneasy but brought the car to a stop and put the window down. I could hear something crunching away in there, as if something was clearly moving through the forest.

I had no torch with me to shine towards the sounds. There was an unpleasant odour in the air and suddenly I got a feeling I was being watched as everything went very quiet. Silence all around me, it was very unnerving.  I then shockingly just continued home, i didn't even realise i had started to drive and i didn't stop until i reached my home.

Thinking back this individual was well over 7 feet tall and was a dark brown colour. It’s hair was of reasonable length.I have never seen this again anywhere in Scotland and only confided in my partner. I thought these creatures existed in other areas in the world but not here.I know unequivocally what I saw and it is still clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday.  There were rumours of sheep and cattle disturbances in that area, but I have heard of no sightings of large hairy creatures in that area or Scotland for that matter.  I worked as a Civil Servant for many years and experienced some crazy stuff, but I must admit that this was a big surprise.

I wonder if this gentleman knows that in contacting the newspapers it brought forward another gentleman who was so scared by his encounter 10years earlier he had been struggling with it for all that time alone.


Mark Luke, 46, from Edinburgh broke his silence for the first time after struggling to come to terms with what happened for over a decade. He finally spoke up to his mother about his experience 10yrs earlier when he saw a Bigfoot roaming the Fife countryside – after reading about a similar experience in The Courier, Mr Luke's mother persuaded him to come forward.

Mr Luke decided to speak out after stumbling across an on line article from last year on The Courier website while researching to try and explain his own encounter. Mr Luke, who is a carer, said he spotted the tall hairy upright figure just off the Tay Road Bridge in 1995 whilst travelling to Dundee to fill in for night shift security cover. His sighting happened in the same area that a former civil servant from Fife reported seeing a creature at the Five Roads Roundabout when he was driving home from work.  Just like Mr Luke, the civil servant had also told nobody at the time and only spoke publicly about what happened some 10 years later.

Mr Luke said: “I had a similar encounter driving back to Edinburgh from night shift security in Dundee, around 8am, on the A92 driving south in the same rough area.“I can remember a forest on both sides of me, and I looked to my left to see a tall dark shape standing 20 feet away in the trees. “At first I thought it was a man, but then it came towards me and it was not a man. “He must have been huge, some eight to ten feet tall, and really wide it seemed. “I was quite scared and confused to be honest.Honestly i put my foot down and carried on “I was doing 60mph and I was not going back to look back or stop until he was far behind me. “It was dark under the trees. So it was very hard to see into or make out any details, “I could see shape but no facial details. “I only told my mother after reading the story in The Courier. and she encouraged me to come forward and share what happened”

Mr Luke said: “I’m 90% sure they are out there, “I wont ever be 100% sure until I see a body or capture somebody captures one.  Even seeing it with your own eyes does not make it seem possible. “There’s too many unexplained things still out there.”

D. L. Hatswell 2/8/17