Statement from the British Bigfoot Team 9/8/17

It has come to light recently that someone who was blocked as a member of this group, and is nothing to do with the British Bigfoot Team, or any of its members, has been trying to gain attention for their photography project and an upcoming talk in London by using our name and reputation to get noticed. We have contacted the person and requested that none of our research or names are to be mentioned but would like to take a moment to convey we are not affiliated with a man called Harry Rose of London, or his project seeking British Bigfoot.

He also has claimed he is working closely with the British Bigfoot Society. I am unsure who he means by this, as there is no official group or team of that name, but i can confirmed it is no member of the British Bigfoot team or any of the groups and blogs i back. 

Neither I nor any Member of the British Bigfoot Research team have been on investigations with Mr Rose, have not asked for photographs to be taken by Mr Rose. And neither myself or any team member has ever appeared to talk and charged an entrance fee.  Everything done by the British Bigfoot Research team, is done on our own time, freely of charge.
D. L. Hatswell 9/8/17