Something Dark Shimmied up the tree Autumn in the New Forest 2017

I was chatting with a lady today who is from the new forest area and experiencing some strange activity when out and about in the forest. Something she does a lot for relaxation and to photograph and enjoy nature.  I had written an article on the New Forest Accounts and the lady commented  as she is a repeated visitor to the Forest and has had some strange experiences whilst walking there.  "Those sightings in the New Forest...they seem very close to where I have had my own experiences, and have found tree structures.  All along the A35...on the left side, between New Milton, and Lyndhurst.  

The area's you have pinned on the map, are pretty much where i have had found things like stick structure and glyphs, and my dog has been affected by things that have shook him up, and he has barked into thin air, this was in the area where I have found a glyph, and once whilst walking in this area i saw something very strange. I saw something big and dark shimmy up a tree really quickly. I found the further off the public trails I go, the better things i find. There's a plentiful supply of fresh water, as there's a couple of streams that flow through the forest, and two of them are right at those spots that you have pinned where other people have encountered things.

I have no idea what it was. It was dark, largish, and it moved with some ease up the trunk, but with a sort of scuttle, or shimmy movement. I didn't have my camera on me, as I just went out to walk Keevah (my dog) and was checking the area out for doing future photos as I do photography.  What I saw was only for a couple of seconds, and it disappeared up the tree trunk. The distance from me was about say 40-50 feet, maybe a little bit further. My memory makes my mind want to think it was a buzzard, or even two buzzards, but they are a bit lighter in colour, although they do swoop up through tree branches. but I don't know if they claw their way up tree trunks. Plus, it was very quick. This was in the autumn of last year, at a place called Puttles Bridge, near Brockenhurst.  There are other areas of the Forest that also have strange experiences when you go there.  

The New Forest is an area of southern England that includes New Forest National Park. The region is known for its heath land, forest trails and native ponies.  Although called the New Forest this area is one of England's oldest forests and was noted in text around 12,000 years ago, being protected by Royalty since 1029 and was used by the nobility as it was a rich hunting ground, The Forest has been protected and is still one of England's Natural Gems.