A Strange Growling Creature that Remains Unseen. Yeadon.

I just want to get in touch and let you know of a really intriguing account my Mum told me about when I recently visited her.  My mum lives near Leeds Bradford Airport in Yeadon and where she lives is next to a number of fields and a large wood which I think ties in well with what she told me.

So she said one night (it was after 1 am) she got up and went to the toilet and whilst in there, she suddenly heard a really deep and menacing growl coming from outside the house. She also heard the sounds of something walking up her driveway. 

My Mum said she has never heard anything like this before and she said it couldn't of been any known creature that lives naturally in the UK countryside as the growl was far too deep and menacing. It stood our as strange and she could not put a name to the animal that made the growl. Needless to say that this scared the living daylights out of her and put her on edge for the rest of the night. 

Luckily, the night passed without further incident but it was a fascinating account as I have no idea what type of creature would of made a noise like this.  This account happened within the last few months. 

But this is where it gets kind of interesting.

When her Husband was alive (my Step Father), they were having dinner one evening and all of a sudden they heard a faint growl which sounded like it either came from within the house itself or just outside the window. This growl spooked them both out and they had no idea what would of caused it. 

The only other thing that I'll add is that allegedly, there was a Dogman sighting in the woods near my Mother's house which was reported on the cloaked hedgehog Dogmans sighting map by a woman who had moved from Staffordshire to my Mothers area. I am also very interested in the paranormal and especially everything Dogman related so I'm wondering if what my Mother heard that night was possibly a dogman? We just have no idea what else would of caused a growl like that!