Strange Animal Mutilations in Todmorden Sat 4/7/2020. UFO's, Police Abductions and a Mystery Substance Not Yet Known to Mankind.

Todmorden is a small town, set in the hills of West Yorkshire, just on the border with Lancashire. it is a beautiful place to visit, a place of small villages and farms with many natural water sources, woodlands and rolling hills. It is also known as the UFO capital of the North. Within this small village are a number of strangest reports, a police officer who was abducted whilst on duty and a gentleman found on the top of a coal heap, with no signs of injury, on his clothes was a substance not known to man. And this week 6/7/20, I received a set of photographs from the Gaddings Dam Area of Todmorden, they were sent to me by a gentleman named Albert Tyas who was out walking when he came across a very strange animal 'kill'  The gentleman contacted me by email and sent the images across. Thankfully because of Mr Tyas's quick thinking there are a number of images taken from all angles. The images show a very young calf with no ear or lips laying on the ground as if dropped from above. The genitals are gone, and so is the anus area. Mr Tyas stated "The calf was not far from the path on a route up to Gaddings dam, and not too far from The Shepherds Rest pub where we'd parked up. I am a keen walker and I like to be out and about in the yorkshire area, so I don't mind lending a hand in your investigations if needed"

The Calf laying was in a field of Sheep, I am unsure if this is usual practice for farmers, or if the Calf was taken then returned and 'left' in the wrong field perhaps. This kill has all the classic signs of animal mutilation. Notice the very precise clean cuts, there are no signs of attack or a chase of any kind. The ground is far to clean for this to be a Dog or Cat kill. It doesn't fit with the classic signs of any normal beast here in the UK. As I said to me it looks as if the Calf had been dropped from above and deposited in the wrong field. But that is just my opinion and only speculation. 

Over the years of studying canine and cat kills I find the wounds to be very different. A Dog will tear at the soft tissue, there is usually sign of paw and claw marks on the ground and sometimes on the kill, dogs are messy and will pull and drag at the carcass. A Cat will leave signs of teeth marks on the neck and will drag the carcass off and store it somewhere away from other predators, they also usually eat the soft belly or back end first. On this kill I see only laser like cuts, the ears, lips and sexual organs have been removed.
There are no signs of vehicle or tractor tracks, infact the scene is pristine. After sharing the images of the calf mutilation at Todmorden, I was contacted by a gentleman who stated: I saw a sheep that looked exactly the same as that calf at Healey dell nature reserve, there was no blood or anything on the ground or any obvious signs of a struggle.

The sheep also had like a perfectly cut sphere cut into its side, with no blood around the wound, the cut was tennis ball sized, it looked like when you use one of those melon ballers, very strange, as if the flesh had been scooped?

Today I spoke to Colin Lyall of the Todmorden UFO Group and passed on the contact details for Mr Tyas and all of the images. Colin lives close to the area and can investigate to see if the calf is still in the field, if so it would be worth getting sample swabs of the wounds, the ground around the calf, and of course from the calf itself. David Cayton is also investigating the case as he has a vast knowledge of cattle mutilations and UFO events all across the UK

The name Todmorden translates in old Germanic as Death Murder, so it should not be a surprise so many strange happening take place here. I mentioned the strange case of Alan Godfrey who was on duty as a Police Officer when he had some very strange experiences happen to him. There is also the case of Zigmund Adamski  who was found on top of a heap of coal after vanishing for five days. Both cases happened in the 1980's and there have been other reports of strange phenomena from the area that have surfaced over the ensuing decades. 56-year-old miner, Zigmund Adamski went missing from his home in the nearby town of Tingley. Mr Adamski who was employed at the local mine left the house where he lived on June 6th to walk to the local shops, sadly he was never again seen alive again. Five short days later, Adamski’s body was found on top of a 10 foot high pile of coal by yard worker, Trevor Parke in Todmorden, 20 miles away from where he went missing.

There were many mysterious circumstances around the discovery of Adamski’s body. One of the strange things was that Mr Adamski was wearing a suit that was buttoned up wrong and his shirt, wallet and watch were missing. Mr Adamski had been missing for five days when he was found yet he only had one days growth on his chin. His hair had been messily cut short and his head, neck and shoulders were covered in burn marks. On examination it was realised Mr Adamski's burns were coated in a strange ointment or substance that scientists could not identify at the time or since. There were no injuries to indicate how he had died other than the burn marks, but they were no severe enough to have caused his death. When he was found his eyes were open and his face showed an expression of pure terror, suggesting that he had been scared to death.

No-one could explain where Mr Adamski had been for the five days he was missing or how his body had found its way to the top of the large pile of coal. What was the strange ointment that was covering his burns? why he only had one day of beard growth? or how did he die? James Turnbull, the coroner assigned to his case, stated that this was the biggest mystery of his career. There has never been a reasonable explanation for what happened to Mr Adamski and the case remains open to this day.

When Mr Parke came upon the body of Mr Adamski the local Police were called. The Policeman who attended the incident at the coal yard when Adamski’s body was first found was named Alan Godfrey. Mr Godfrey went on to have a very strange set of events happen not too long after attending the scene. 

Five months later Mr Godfrey had his own otherworldly experience less than a mile from the coal yard he had visited such a short time ago. He had been on duty at the time and trying to locate some loose cattle when he saw what he described as a ‘flying saucer’ on Burnley Road. He quickly sketched the object that he saw hovering above the ground and then headed back to the local police station to report it, later noticing that he had lost 15-30 minutes of time. Under hypnosis Mr Godfrey spoke about being abducted by a UFO and given a physical examination by two beings. His story made the news all around the world, prompting UFO researchers to rush to West Yorkshire in search of evidence. There is a monthly meeting in the local pub each month where share their experiences with others who have had the same or similar events as themselves.

Since then, there have been many reports of strange lights in the sky over Todmorden and the surrounding moors. Other famous UFO sightings in Yorkshire include objects spotted in the sky over Rothwell, a triangular craft glowing green over Holmfirth and one of the most famous cases in the past couple of years when an object could be seen over the Ribblehead viaduct for several hours. I became interested in Todmorden after a strange set of coincidences led me to look at any strange reports between Jodrell bank down in Crewe and Winter Hill in Lancashire, as I plotted the reports on the map I did realise that Todmorden cropped up over and over again. So for many months now I have been looking into any reports in that area and the triangular area between all three that could possible help to explain some of the very strange reports people were sending into me. It started with my husbands personal experience in the 90's and has come full circle with today's Cattle mutilation images. Let me explain the correlation of the events that keep leading me back to Todmorden. 

My husband and a number of people in my hometown of Little Hulton in the late 80's early 90's had unexplainable experiences with lights in the sky, missing time and a possible abduction event. Most people know me for the work I do with Cryptid Creatures here in the UK.  But I discovered many years ago that the phenomena which surrounds the creature accounts is the exact replica of what witnesses to the extra terrestrials experience.  Many of these witnesses experience strange synchronicity with Owls, missing time, lights and strange visitors by the bed, memories or snippets of images, quick flashes of past events and even repeated visitations. 

My hometown is a typical over spill new town, set up in the late 50's it was on the very edge of town and consists of fields, farms and green belt with little clusters of housing estates along the way. In 92/93 my husband was out on the fields about 2 am with three of his friends, they  all in their late teens or early 20's at the time and lived here in Little Hulton.  There is not much to do in Little Hulton when work finishes for the day and it was even worse 30 yrs ago. There were no late night shops or take away's back then, but because the East Lancashire Road is only a mile or two away, most people would head that way to the motorway garage services at night if they ran out of something that couldn't wait till morning or to meet up and find out where that nights rave would be. You can go to the garage as the crow flies and cut some of the walk off if you cross the old ancient Barrow at Mosely common. And thats what they did. Back in time this area had an ancient grass henge is and is one in a line of Barrows that cross the North of England going NW to Winter Hill and NE in the direction of Todmorden.

Each one of the people that night has a different point the memory stopped, yet they all remember coming too at once together. For example my husband remembers passing the Yew Tree pub and the next conscious memory he has is of them all coming too at the same time, around 1 1/2 hours later. One of the lads we will call Lee remembers getting half way across the field but can remember nothing till they woke up. The other two remember setting off on the walk but have no clear memory of it. They all agreed they did see a bright light on the walk and were asking each other what it could be. The next conscious memory they all have was when they came to. They were all laying down flat on the grass,  they were facing up and were positioned head to head in a cross formation on the highest point of the Barrow, they all came too and looked up at once without speaking and there was the same huge bright light above them, each one was dazed and confused. Sadly one of the lads has passed away and his friends think this incident had something to do with that. All four of them had very hard lives after this event. And they all still struggle with it to this day. 

When they came too, nobody moved or spoke for a number of minutes, the light was above them, blinding and bright, it then zipped quickly at high speed left, then right, then left again and shot off in the direction of Winter Hill. Then the usual "WTF was that" and "How did we get here" questions started, but each one of them was confused and dazed. They each were holding items of food and drink, did they make it to the garage before this event but have no memory of it? were the items given to them by unknown hands and placed on the hill? I would imagine these are just some of the questions that have plagued them all over the years. Mark my husband has a triangular scar on his forearm from that night which has never gone away. They all walked home as if they were drunk, they refused to speak about the event and it stayed that way for a number of decades. Each man having to come to terms with it on his own and fight the demons it brought solo. They all felt the light must have come from the direction of Joderal Bank. At that time not many people felt they could come forward with an event like this and be believed. One of the guys who was with my husband watches the skies night and day and this image was captured by Lee) They were all ordinary working class lads, from a working class town in the North West of England. Stuff like this is not supposed to happen other than in films.

My husband hid all of this until 2005 when we first got together as a couple, I was running around chasing witnesses to Ape like Creatures back then, I would speak to the witnesses and visit the area of the event, map the report and look for any validation reports in the same area or close by. I asked my husband to take me to the Barrow close to home,as many of the cryptid sightings happen around the ancient barrows, standing stones and henges. At this point he had not shared with me what happened back in the 90's so I did not know of the connection the Barrow had to his experience. This was the first time I've ever seen him scared, I asked him why he was so hesitant to take me and he explained everything to me in a rush. And then promptly asked me not to talk about it again. He only gave me a brief explanation and just refused to discuss it whenever I would bring it up, or if I was investigating a case with a UFO connection. A few years later after watching me come to terms with my own fears connected to the creature I saw and by watching me speak to many, many witnesses he started to open up about that night and began to share more details with me.  He also approached the other lads from the night and asked them if they would speak to me too. I took each of their accounts and Lee is an avid sky watcher and shared with me the many incredible images he had caught in the skies above our town. So I used the skill I learned in cryptozoology to look for and find other people here who had experienced something strange.

So I set about asking friends and neighbours if they remembered anything from that period. When I moved here in 96 I remembered one of the neighbours telling me about an incident down on the fields, where everyone came out to see a huge light that was hovering over the field back in the early 80's. I didnt take too much notice at the time to be honest. While I was asking around the town at home for anyone else who may have seen or experienced anything that night or on another occasion, My long time neighbour mentions the incident on the field again. He tells me one n'? night in Autumn all of the houses were lit up by lights in the middle of the night, all the people close by went down to the fields and watched these lights, at first it was one light that split into 3  and set off at speed towards Winter hill. He said the next day nobody mentioned the event to each other and he said it was as if everyone had completely forgotten. I delved into newspaper articles but I couldn't find anything in print.

To clarify a few details or to ask if any of the neighbours from that night still lived here, I messaged the neighbour who told me about the three lights. He stated when he first saw the light he was on Gibson lane, then he said the strangest thing, he said "why are you asking Deb did you forget, you were there with me"  I was completely taken aback by his comment. I know I wasnt there as I lived in a different town until 1996?  I kept telling him It wasnt me standing with him, but he was adamant I was there on the field watching, to be honest it got a little heated, he was insistent I was with him walking down Gibson lane. So I asked him where we had been before the walk and he couldn't tell me, he had no memory of before the event, but he is adamant I was with him that night?

So Im going to keep asking around and see if any of the people out on the field that night remember the incident.  Iv looked into UFO cases close to Cryptid reports. I think some areas are a huge attractant to phenomena and unexplained events. And it is something I would like to do more research into.

I forgot to add, the night I interviewed the witness who was convinced I was standing with him, a strange set of coincidences was at play, as I was chatting with him I turned off my notifications on the phone and laptop as I do with every witness. The phone wouldn't stop ringing, I could feel it vibrating away.s My neighbours were seeing lights in the sky above the house, so much so some of them rang the police and they were told it was the space station. It was also featured in the local newspaper.

Here are some of the cases I have come across from with the triangle area.

Dog Headed Man of Blackstone Edge -  Hi Deb I just had to tell you about a conversation I had last night when I was talking to my younger Sister and as I sent her some transcripts of your encounter stories a couple of weeks ago now which seemed to have prodded her memory. My Sister has always been a bit of a world traveller, and when she was in England about 40 years ago she was talking to our Grandmother, (our Mother's Mother) and our Gran told her about her friend who met the Wolf Headed Man. You could have knocked me down with a feather when she explained what Gran said! At last someone in my family who wouldn't think I was a raving looney. They all smile when I try to talk about our subject, but I know what they're thinking. (honestly I think there are thousands of us out there who get the same reaction from family, friends and work colleges and thats if you're brave enough to bring up the subject)

Unfortunately this meeting could have been a 100 years ago or more Deb as I dont have a specific time frame. My Gran was in her 80's when she shared the account so it could have been before WW1. My Sister doesn't have any more details after so much time has passed. We come from Rochdale originally before we moved to Australia, so that's possibly where the encounter took place. I just wonder, as my mother said she spent a lot of time up on Blackstone Edge where the Wolf headed man was seen, I wonder if she was looking for her own encounter?! I’ll never know.

UFO seen White House car park, Blackstone Edge, Littleborough, Lancs-4th June 2010 -  Andrew Hope

Witness Statement: I was sat in my car watching the Sunset and admiring the view, when I thought to myself “look to the right” (towards Todmorden.) so thats what I did. I looked and this small black dot just appeared way up in the sky. Imagine seeing a fly about 10 feet away well thats what it looked like. This object then proceeded to suddenly move from left to right over a large distance at great speed, It then moved up and down in a zigzag pattern, this lasted for a couple of minutes and then it moved off and out of sight slowly. I sat in my car, amazed. I had a great feeling of un-realness, almost a dream like state. My logical brain said it was a bird combined with an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions. After a few minutes past I looked right again, and it just reappeared again out of nowhere. I watched it’s amazing maneuvers, and I’m sat thinking is that really a bird, when it stopped dead still and just hung there, I thought birds can't do that, can they? So I said, outloud to myself, “ok, do something I know a bird can’t do”, when it just vanished instantly. Wow. I’m thinking, now a little freaked out. I looked at my dashboards digital clock, as I was not sure of the time, it said 1:11 which was completely wrong, it was the right time the last time I looked and it was still light, so I looked at my mobile and it was actually only 8pm.

I have been interested in astronomy for years and have seen everything one normally see’s in the sky, it was not a plane, a helicopter, a bird, a satellite, chinese lantern or any of the normal explanations. It was daylight and it was a definite physical object of an unknown type, displaying amazing moves. I’m still a little shocked, as I’m not sure why I drove up there in the first place. I just felt I should. Maybe I was meant to be there.?I felt an overwhelming sense of calm and excitement at the same time and an even greater sense of connection. It was like some sort of communication, which I truly can’t explain. It is a true account of my experience, that I just needed to share.

The Haslingden Shucks 2006/7 - Twice over a period of two years one witness watched two phantom dogs run along this lane when she was out walking her own dogs. A black hound is seen being chased by another dog - both dogs were slightly out of focus and were moving approx thirty centimetres above the ground.

The Haslingden Hairy man, Peeping Around The Door - Witness: U. N

This incident took place in Haslingden, Lancashire, though the witness was only 17 at the time she still remembers it like yesterday. "This is a thing I don't tell people it's something I keep to myself. I may sound mad but when I was about 17 I lived in Haslingden in Lancashire. My Mum and dad were out and I was on the phone which was usual when my parents went out, back then it was the old rotary phone and you felt like you needed “written permission” to run up the bill (I think most people in my generation would remember doing this too). I was sitting on the phone cabinet and idly looking around the room chatting away when I looked towards the kitchen/dining room and there was a person looking in at me through the door. “He” (it felt like a he?) looked like Chewbacca from the film I suppose. 

His head reached only an inch or two from the top of the door frame and he'd sort of poked his head and upper body round the doorway like he was checking who was on the phone. I didn't feel threatened (except of course 'it wasn't supposed to be there!). Honestly it seems more like he was curious to see who it was he could hear. We looked at each other for about five seconds. It's a bloody long time. I don't remember anything unusual about his eyes, they were not glowing or red or anything like that. He was a sort of mousy blonde haired. Then either he left or I freaked out and looked away. My friend on the phone was panicking because I'd gone silent mid-sentence. I was too scared to tell her what I'd seen but I made her stay on the phone till my parents came home. Dad went into the kitchen when he got in but there was nothing there. I didn't tell any of my family and never saw him again. I've no idea what any of this is. How would something that big get into my house? Maybe this didn't help you at all. By the way it was about 7.45pm (Top of the Pops was on!) and it was sometime in October. I hadn't been drinking or had any experience at all with drugs. Anyway, hope this helps in some way."

Nine UFOs are Seen Over Haslingden, 2009 - a man reported seeing nine bright orange lights flying silently in a diamond formation over Haslingden.

The man was walking his dog at around midnight on Sunday January 4, 2009, when he at first noticed a bright solid orange light through some trees. He thought it was an aircraft but it was too low. He then observed eight more lights flying in a diamond formation over the Scout Moor wind farm towards Rochdale. He said there was no noise and no flashing aircraft lights. The UFO researcher wrote: “At this point, I was stood with the dog, motionless thinking what the hell I was looking at.” He said a couple in a nearby house also looked out of their window and watched the mysterious orbs.

The man, who is not named in the report, wrote to the MOD, but they were unable to confirm any other reported sightings in the area. A reply from the RAF High Wycombe said: “The MOD does not have any expertise or role in respect of ‘UFO/ flying saucer’ matters.” Gary Heseltine, a retired detective constable in the British Transport Police, said there were many sightings across the Pennines over the years. He said: “There have been lots of sightings over Lancashire, especially close to the West Yorkshire border.

A Woman Breaks her Ankle Running from the Bear Man of Rivington Pike. 1990's - Witness Report:Myself and my friend Sally have always been close, I have known her for around 25 years now, anyway last September we crossed paths after a few years, and we started going out as you do sometimes and we’d just been for a meal in Manchester, It was one Saturday afternoon, on our way home, I was driving and she said her ankle was hurting her,. I asked if she was ok and she told me she’d broken it the year before, it was quite a bad break and she was laid up and on crutches for a few months after the accident, she did it dancing after a few drinks one night. But then she went on to say it had been weak anyway from an accident she had years ago and then went on to tell me how it happened in the first place.

During the mid nineties her and a few friends had been out clubbing and decided to go up to Rivington, they went to the Chinese gardens, around the back where the two car parks are and after walking up the track to the top where the gardens are they met up with some others and had a bit of a party, a few drinks and someone made a little fire. Anyway there was around 6-8 of them there in all, a couple of cars full of people and she decided to go for a wee. She walked off to a decent spot away from everyone, she had said wee then noticed around 20-30 yards away something looking at her from some bushes, it took her a few moments for her eyes to adjust but from what she told me she said what see saw was huge, she said the head was big, but the body on the 'thing' was huge. I asked her what 'it' looked like ,she said she saw it for around 10-15 seconds in all and from what she could make out 'it' looked like a cross between a man and a bear, she described it has having the sort of body a huge hairy man would have but the head was that of a bear, the head was covered in hair she said.

At this point once she’d gained her senses and tidied up her clothing she turned to run, as she turned she twisted her ankle and let out a scream of pain and fell to the floor, at this one of my friends Brian heard her and ran over and picked her up, she was crying and in lots of pain so they carried her back down and took her to the hospital, she had sprained her ankle badly and tore some ligaments and ever since then her ankle had been weak and so all these years later it snapped when she broke it dancing. She said she had never told anyone what she saw incase they took the mickey. She only said she’d been for a wee and twisted her ankle. She told me this because she knew I was open minded to allsorts really and because i’d told her over the years about a few strange things that had happened to me.

I didn’t know how to tackle what to say next, I knew she was telling the truth, you just know when you’ve known someone for so long if you know what I mean, I explained about sightings of wild men across Britain and large hairy dogs like creatures, she had never heard of Dogman or anything like that but had heard of Bigfoot but didn’t know what it was apart from an ape or something, plus she’s not the type of girl to be interested, she’s more interested in Big Brother.

Mystery UFO' sightings between Rivington Pike & Winter Hill - At 8pm on a November night in 2003 a man saw an object in the sky above Rivington, the object was between the Pike and the Chinese Gardens area. The gentleman was driving across Belmont and immediately contacted Phil Catterall, chair of the Horwich-based UFO society, describing the object as two flying circles of light, one inside the other, rotating in opposite directions. Four weeks before a woman in Adlington reported seeing a similar light over Winter Hill as she opened her bedroom curtains at 6.30am.

Mr Catterall said: "I have had sightings reported to me before from that area, but never like this. This is definitely different and I intend to look into it. "The society has been going for about eight years and has had numerous sightings reported, especially in the Rivington and Winter Hill area, but most cases remain a mystery."

Winter Hill UFO & M.I.B's 1999 - After spotting a ufo hovering over his field, a farmer reported the sighting to the Manchester Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team. The team reported they were followed on the investigation by an unidentified man, while the farmer was warned to stop talking about the incident by the Ministry of Agriculture who paid him a visit, although the government agency denied they had spoken to the farmer. 

A Grotesque Face at the Window 1958 - A family moved out of their home on the outskirts of Macclesfield after seeing a white figure with a grotesque face at the window in one of the rooms - the two witnesses knocked a door from its hinges while trying to escape the strange entity.

The Staring Man Cheshire, A Strange Figure at the side of the Road - On the 1st October, 2001 and 1st 2002 a gentleman had a strange encounter with a roadside figure. He saw the figure on two separate occasions exactly 1 year apart. Described as an "entity" The witness said he saw it as he was driving down the road, he was startled when he saw the strange looking figure on the roadside, the figure stared into the car as he drove past. The figure did not appear in the rear view mirror. And the gentleman struggled to describe 'him' in great detail.

UFO seen over the Cat and Fiddle Road close to Jodrell Bank - A Cheshire resident who regularly visits Buxton witnessed an aerial phenomenon around midnight whilst driving on the A537 or as it more commonly known, the Cat and Fiddle road (named after the pub about halfway between buxton and Macclesfield). Like many who see such things, she wishes to remain anonymous. However, she wants to share the encounter in case anyone has experienced anything similar. “I kept seeing something in the corner of my eye and I just thought it must be a bat but it kept zipping, no lights, just movement, so so fast. I followed the road, then I started seeing green lights and again, zipping movement. I saw three red flashing red lights in a triangle, then it zipped off. I took the long way round and kept my eye on the sky, then I saw a very faint light ahead. I kept looking and it was just hovering. At one point, I stopped and tried to take a video but it was dark and cloudy. When I got closer, it was like someone turned the switch off and it just disappeared. Once I realised I was alone in the hills, I got scared. Well, I clearly wasn’t alone! I googled it when I got home and there was a similar story in the Derbyshire Times in January.”

On the twisting Cat and Fiddle road, the lofty summits of Derbyshire offer a commanding view of the Cheshire plains, home to Jodrell Bank and its radio telescopes. A quick internet search will tell you that this part of the world is no stranger to UFO reports. In fact, the town of Chapel-en-le-Frith, about 13 miles away, has one of the first ever recorded UFO sightings in its parish register dated 1716. 

There are of course far to many reports in these areas for me to bring them all to you today. And no doubt there are so many more yet to be revealed. How many others out there have had similar experiences or events they can not explain, even after years of searching for answers. As more information comes in on the these cases I will keep you updated. (I have included a link to the map in the description also) Map of Reports


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