A Compilation of New Reports. Apelike Creatures, Red Eyes and Dogmen.

A Huge Canine Chasing a Deer 2016, Puddletown Forest Dorset - I am a new listener to your Podbean Podcast. I have honestly never given a thought to the UK having Cryptid Creatures until around 4 years ago now on a trip to Puddletown Forest. I was visiting there, as I love being out in nature. I was walking and came to a path with embankments and I saw a massive Deer coming down the path and it jumped right over me.

A few seconds later a Huge Dog came bounding after the Deer, when it saw me the Dog stopped and checked me out. It was much bigger than a normal Dog and I couldn't put a breed to it. It looked somewhat like a German Shepherd. Thankfully I have never seen it on any of my other visits to the Forest. I honestly felt lucky to be alive after our encounter.

Puddletown Forest is in Dorset and it is one of the areas where we have very old historical reports of Woodwose and Wildmen. One famous historical court case was heard, when a young lass committed the crime of being pregnant without wedlock. She was acquitted of the crime as she explained twas not a young lover who had her with child, but twas the Wildman of Yallam, she was taken and kidnapped and brought home with child.  The old tales says she gave birth to a green haired child and on the night of his birth she climbed Yallam Hill and returned the child to the wose, coming back down alone.

In 2010 a very strange photograph was taken and presented to the local press in March when  teenager grabbed her phone and took out her phone and took the shot when she spotted the creature bounding around the playing fields on all fours.Terri Leigh Cox, 17, grabbed her phone and took the shot when she spotted the creature bounding around the playing fields on all fours, the furry animal clambered up a tree and was quickly out of sight. Stunned Terri said: “It was such a shock – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. It looked about the size of a small gorilla.

"It was walking like one as well, using its arms and feet.“It was definitely a monkey because you could tell by its hunched back and the way it scampered across a field and up a tree. It wasn’t a black dog.” Terri, a college health and social care student, was looking out of her bedroom window when she saw the mysterious animal in the play area about 100 yards away.

Something to note, a number of years ago an investigation at Puddletown forest was carried out by BBR founding member Adam Bird, a number of whoops, howls and hand claps were recorded on the overnight vigil.

Whooping Monkey Noises, Sherwood 2018 - A young man camping overnight in Sherwood Forest reported hearing monkey like whoops through out the night. He was not scared by the noises as he was more curious as to what could have made the sounds. He often camps here and rides the bike trails but this is the only occasion he has heard any unidentifiable noises.

Sherwood Forest Whoops. 15/6/20 - I was walking alone today in Clipstone Forest in Nottinghamshire and heard a loud 'whoop' sound twice. It was too guttural to be a human and I was wondering if you had any possible sightings here or nearby Sherwood Forest. I feel a bit daft writing this but I heard what I heard. I was able to reassure the witness there are other Whooping reports within Sherwood and a number of figures have been seen.

Once Sherwood stretched for many miles in all directions, it is far smaller now sadly, but it does hold a cave system and many smaller wooded areas encircle it, there are reports within Sherwood itself and from the smaller woods around it, the witness hearing the whoops was in one of those smaller woods, we also have a witness at Loscar wood who was packing up and returning home from a fishing trip when he saw a strange two legged, hairy, tall, upright figure that he caught with a glimpse of his headlights, the creature was standing next to a closed field gate.

In 2016 there was a lady who was driving home through Sherwood Forest who saw two 'wild men' standing by the side of the road, she described them as naked, clearly male and completely hair covered. The witness stated:  Im going to be honest and say their appearance really scared me. They were really tall and naked and looked like cavemen of some kind? The big one stood about 6 1/2 tall and was clearly a male. I could see his sexual parts. This male was covered in hair, which was brown in colour. It had no clothing on it at all. And they both had something strange about their appearance, they had weird shaped heads, like a deformed skull, very Apish almost like a chimp, but the face looked human too, very man like. The other smaller one was much shorter, only about three foot tall and had less hair on its body then the Adult one, the little one looked the same as the bigger one just younger, it had a deformed head for a human but still a human face within it. I dont know how to explain it to you. Its very hard to put into words.

Another gentleman made a report through Nick Redfern after he and his wife had a strange encounter close to Sherwood. The Gentleman explained that he saw a large hairy hominid approx 7 - 8 ft tall in the vicinity of Sherwood forest approx 20 years ago, he wasn't the only witness as his wife also saw this at around 11:00 - 11:30pm, he was driving his car along the Budby to Ollerton road, and just before the Edwinstowe turn off he saw the hominid run across the road, he though at the time it may have been a prank (someone dressed up) and hasn't spoken of it until this day, he didn't see a face, the thing just moved to quickly to get a good look, though they didn't stay around to find out. One other man came forward who also saw a strange wild looking man in the forest who had red eyes.

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