Castle Rig night investigation 2015

Report by researcher Caron Charlton: 

Castle Ring is a big circle in the middle of some woods. There was quite a few investigators and we all had our designated areas - the ring is quite big. The middle area of the ring is grasses and bracken - on the outside of the ring is a moat - filled with grass etc . Around the outside of the moat is wooded with big trees. As it became dark, I clearly noticed no animal noises at all - with one exception - all of a sudden after a long time of silence an owl!! This owl!!! was clearly coming from a certain area. At the time I just registered this noise and did not think much about it. After a while we moved from our designated area - my friend definitely heard a couple of low growls, she felt they came from a dense bit of trees near us. Another fellow investigator joined us and he stated he had heard low growls as well. We went closer to the area we thought the growls came from - this was dense undergrowth and trees and my friend heard a growl again - we did have the intense feeling of being watched - my friend also was adamant she saw eye shine. But it could have been anything. We then moved further around the - ring away from other investigators. We decided to go down into the moat, the moat is very steep and once down you are very vulnerable. My friend went down first but all of a sudden I felt I was on red alert - I said to my friend get back up now ...she said why - I just said get back up now and hurry. As I just knew we were in the path of something but did not know what.. She came up and we saw a torchlight in the woods coming towards us on the other side of the moat - so decided to continue walking around the ring. As we slowly walked around the ring , we occasionally saw something in the treeline - as if keeping pace with us. There was a moon so it was quite well lit. We could not say what it was. We then sat down to watch some investigators exploring the middle area of the ring -through the grass and bracken - we had a very clear view. We both saw something dark - jump up - hard to judge what size - just out of the torch light of the oncoming investigators. The shaped then dropped down again and disappeared as quick as a flash. We both felt we could follow a moving outline of a shape for a while in the grass but it was very, very low. When the investigators came back to us they said they found an area of flattened grass - where something large had obviously been lying. Which we thought could have been the area we saw the shape jump out of. We went back to the car for a drink - this area backs on to the where my friend heard the growls. Whilst I was standing by my car I definitely heard a low growl . The growls are something you have to hear for yourself - you cannot describe them - you just know they are not from a normal countryside animals. I would describe it as low earthy, powerful growl - it makes you freeze. It was so close I was about four feet away between the growl and myself was a four foot fence with dense undergrowth and trees behind the fence. I could not see anything, but again knew I was being watched. We then regrouped and decided to walk around the moat through the trees/wood. We arrived at a clearing in the woods - certain fellow investigators do this a lot and investigate ghosts - ufo etc. These investigators have equipment they use - one of which is a spirit box. The spirit box picks up radio channels and the spirits use this energy to pull out words they want to say. We arrived at a clearing in the woods - a perfect circle of trees with all the undergrowth cleared away and joined at the bottom from tree to tree with branches - it was a perfect complete circle. The spirit box was put in the middle of the circle and switched on. Now I felt like I was pushed forward mentally - I felt like I had to get as close as I could to this box. Then words started coming out of the box and then it went quiet and then I heard a voice I recognised it came clearly out of the box - it was a very distinctive voice of a recently deceased relative of mine and said something only I would know and understand. Then all the batteries drained and these had been fully charged. While this was going other members of the team where watching a black shape - upright - moving/peeping from behind a particular mass of trees outside the circle. Some investigators went to look but by the time they got there nothing was there. But on regrouping and hearing other stories about the beginning of the evening things started to connect. Apparently before it went dark a shape was witnessed peeping out from behind a some trees and bushes - the investigators did video this before they explored the area. They found the vegetation was flattened in the exact area they videod. If you remember I said my friend went down the moat and I told her to come back up. Well unknown to me the other investigators where walking towards that area in search of the shape they had seen - so that puts whatever it was in between them and us at the same time, which is when I saw the torchlight coming towards us. So I feel my instinct was right. Another group saw a very large print in the ground but unfortunately did not take a photograph, as they were more interested in the spiritual side of the woods. Aparently there was a lot of spirit activity in the woods - my friends had a very challenging, scarey time.