Offton suffolk sighting aug 2015

l normally look for big cats,I have worked in woods as a woods man for years,though not now, anyway I was in a wood that has signs of cats for years,  Friday we cut a ride and coppiced it about 30 years ago,any way I had gone up through the woods and that feeling came over me very strongly that I wasn't alone now iam 20stone and pretty fearless but I just lost it I cant explain why but I just totally lost my nerves, I decided to head out of the woods as I went along I heard as plain as day a monkey go woow woow.  I turned to look In the direction the noise came from and as I did I heard an almighty crashing and clearly a 2 legged thing hurtling along. I saw something about 80 feet away go across a trail it used it's long arms to knock aside the trees all I can say is it was just like a chimp in colour but more like a gorilla in build. but the general shape of man, it was around 5'7" 5'8" in height arms at least a third longer than mine it moved like we walk not bow legged like a chimp, now after 3 days I still feel very confused I believe in bigfoot and woodwose and shug monkeys' but seeing one is very surreal its like I saw it on a film, but it was real right in front well to my right of me. I cant describe the feeling of seeing one iam very confused.