A Man collecting firewood sees Bigfoot like Creature during countrywide Covid lockdown. 28th March 2020 7.15pm

Each year around this time, I wait for the latest report to come in. Over the years I have noticed a quiet time from Mid Oct/Nov until around Apr/May. I honestly thought this year with the lockdown in place it would be many months before I heard of  a new account. I have always wondered whether it is because there are less people out, and it's easier for the Cryptid Creatures to move around unseen.  With far less people outside enjoying the weather and our beautiful land, I was fooled into thinking this year would be very different but in fact the opposite happened. The gentleman who made the report stated "As we are all in a country wide lock down at the moment, I thought it was even stranger. Nobody should be out here let alone here in the quarry" This is his report in his own words.

"I would like to report a strange figure I saw close to my home tonight. The sighting occurred this evening, at around 7.15pm, at dusk. Saturday 28 March 2020.

I was outside with my 2 year old son collecting some branches for our wood burner.  We live near Golspie, Scotland about 50 miles North of Inverness.  It is quite a remote place and we dont see too many people around at the best of times.  We live in a house built in the 1850s which is situated near a disused quarry.  That evening I needed wood for the fire, so I went up to the nearby quarry where there is usually a good supply.

We were just inside the quarry and I heard a metal kind of sound coming from up above me at the top of the quarry.  I know there is a metal gate there, so I figured it was the local Farmer coming through the gate, but then it struck me that there was no noise of a tractor.  I have never seen him up there without his tractor as it’s a steep sided slope and pretty rough terrain.  As we are all in a country wide lock down at the moment, I thought it was even stranger that somebody would be walking about. Nobody should be out here let alone here in the quarry"

"It was so strange I decided to go and have a look to see who it could be. I have no idea what possessed me to look, I wouldn't normally have bothered, other than not hearing a tractor and the metal sound I heard was quite loud, I suspect at any other time i.e. no lockdown, I wouldn’t be concerned and would just have ignored it.  

I walked back up to my driveway, about 75 metres with my son, and I walked up the slope of my garden to get a good view of the gate with him in my arms as the slope is quite steep to the boundary fence.  I looked left and there was no tractor or farmer or anyone in sight towards the gate. I then looked right, and about 250 meters away to the right of me was a figure. I can only describe it is a black figure, there we no colours, and the figure was quite large.  It was bigger than a man. I could tell it was bigger than a man because it was standing next to an electric pole and I could see how large it appeared to be even at such a distance.  

I immediately realised that whatever 'it' was 'it' had noticed me to, 'it' stopped walking away from me and appeared to turn and look directly at me and not move.  It looked at me for about 15 seconds and then 'it' continued to walk away behind another disused quarry.  

There are 3 old quarries in a row here.  What struck me was how it managed to walk that far in the 2-3 minutes it took me to walk up there to see what the noise were.  I also got an unnerving feeling that 'it' knew I was watching 'it' as 'it' stopped moving and 'it' seemed to me like 'it' turned around in my direction."

"I wouldn’t normally write something like this as I cannot say I actually believe in it, but what I can say for sure was that it was not a person, and if it was, it was an extremely well built and tall person who managed to clear 200-300 metres of high sloped land in 2-3 minutes.

To put where I live into perspective, behind me there is nothing but abandoned highland crofts and mountains for about 20 miles inland towards Lairg. My house is situated 60 metres up a slope and I have lived here for a while now.  In all that time, I have never known anyone to walk behind my house. The only other person I see up here is the farmer who will stop by to speak to me and I have never seen him at dusk. Given that the whole country is in lockdown, the usual busy A9 road is very quiet and there are no houses around me, it was fast getting dark as the clocks don’t change until tonight and it was already 7.15pm.  Someone out walking there alone would be unusual at the best of times, let alone just now"

Was this a Cryptid Creature lulled into a false sense of security due to the lack of people around at the moment? Or has 'it' walked that way a thousand times only to be caught out due to a noisy gate? This seems like another report that is 'accidental' in nature. But I am starting to believe not all of these reports are accidental in origin. Could they be showing themselves to people for a reason? The world is in turmoil at the moment. There are big changes coming to society as a whole. These changes will no doubt shape the future for us and the generations to come. 

Stay safe.


  1. Any idea what it was doing that made the metallic sound that drew your attention ? What i find unusual is that if it was a human, in that situation, wouldn’t you normally give a friendly wave ? Just to let the other person know you’d seen them ? Why ignore you when he saw you? Yet he kept looking at you ? Quite odd. Thanks for sharing ��


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