A Walkers Gruesome Find. Strange 'Bone' Just Lay on the Path.

A Lady taking her daily walk during the lockdown this week, came across a strange set of 'Bones' or what are thought to be bones just lay on the path in the Broadwood area of Ayrshire.  Enjoying the good weather the Woman came across this gruesome find close to the River Ayr. When asked about the possible size of the 'item' her Husband stated  "They measured around 3 - 4 Inches in length"  To my untrained eye they look very fresh? and not having a good knowledge of the inner workings of animals I can shed no light on the puzzle. I am hoping that you can.

There have been many explanations given throughout the day by people all across the world explaining what these strange finds may be, from Crab, Deer, Rabbit, Goat Jaw, Eagle, Bird of Prey Talons all the way up to Large Cat Claws. But identifying the animal is only part of the puzzle, how did they get there? Were they placed there? Were they dropped from above? and by Whom, Animal or Human?



  1. These are the lower jaw pieces of a Beaver. Beavers can be found on many Scottish rivers, including the Ayr, after a successful recent re-introduction program.
    What appears to some as claws, talons, canines, etc, are infact the large, specialised incisors that Beavers use to chew their way through trees.
    All rodents possess over-sized incisor teeth which carry on growing throughout the animal's life, they wear them down and keep them sharp by the way the upper and lower incisors meet and grind against each other.
    In the UK, Beavers have no "known" natural predators but worldwide, they are preyed upon by Wolves, Bears and Pumas, (maybe also Bigfoot). I suspect that these jawbones were from a Beaver that died of natural causes and the carcass has been scavenged by a fox.
    I also think that the photographer has most probably pushed them together to get them both in shot.
    The estimated length of 3 to 4 inches is about right as a Beaver's lower jaw is about 4 inches in length.
    I hope this is helpful Debs.
    Hugs, Louie Xx


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