The Russian Leaping 'Yeti' Whats your theory?

A video taken back in 2013 is making news again after renewed interest. As we know there are many Bigfoot, Yeti and Almasty Reports in Russia and many videos claiming to have caught them unawares. There is one that I have never been able to determine one way or another whats moving in the film. The figure can be seen moving in the trees as it crosses a woodland clearing.  Filmed by two Russian citizens you can see the 'creature' has a very unique way of moving.

I can not tell you if this is a legitimate Almasty, An escaped Ape or a trick of the eye, but I do like the way the 'figure' moves.  It seems to have huge shoulders and thick legs which it uses to move at great speed across the clearing, almost with a leaping and swinging motion.

It does look thick muscled, and heavily built, almost a cross between a Chimpanzee and a Gorilla. This video has been pulled to pieces over the years, with many debunkers claiming it is a man in a suit, a bird of prey, even a moose in distress?  I dont suppose we will ever know, I leave it up to you to decide. Maybe one of you out there has been looking for the ideal video to do analysis on, if so please let me know what you think?