Dark Grey Humanoid. A creepy experience on the A556

I’m not too sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes anyway. I was driving home 2 days ago at roughly 3am. I was driving on a British A-Road which is in the middle of Nowhere and surrounded by forest. I pretty much know this road like the back of my hand as I’ve been driving back and forth (mostly at night) for a long time. There are street lights but they’re quite dim and don’t do a great job of lighting up the road ahead. Now as a bit of background I’m generally a calm driver, I don’t know why as I’m quite frantic in real life but when I’m behind the wheel nothing seems to phase me at all. But the other night I’m pretty sure I nearly had a heart attack.

So I was driving along the road as per usual on my way back home. The only way to describe this is to say that about 150 yards ahead of my car, out of the woods, this humanoid creature bolted into the road. It was a light grey colour and hunched over on all fours but could easily be about 8/9ft tall stood up right. This thing bolted into the road at an unnatural speed and disappeared into the woods on the other side of the road. Now there’s 4 lanes and no central reservation so it was a straight sprint across.

I tried to rationalise this a bird but I just knew for a fact that it wasn’t. Like I said before I’m a very calm driver but as soon as I saw this “thing” I had instantly turned freezing cold and started sweating, almost on the verge of crying. I don’t know what my rationalisation was but some part of me wanted to slam on my breaks out of panic to take a breath but I just put my foot down and drove way too fast to get away from what I just saw. I don’t necessarily know if it’s relevant but I remember looking at the clock and it was dead on 03:00am. Apparently this is a strange hour for unexplained things to go on? If anyone else has had a similar experience or know what the hell this thing was I’d love to hear it because even thinking about it gives me cold chills.


  1. Reminds me of this (no idea of it's veracity though).


    How close were you to Delamere? I know that place has a repuation for unnatural things.


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