Family see a Possible Bigfoot Creature, NC It was taller than the Railroad sign.

In the North Carolina area there is an area that is a protected Forest. Due to the diverse eco habitats.  The area is made up of pine forests, saltwater estuaries, bogs, and raised swamps, and tidal rivers.

The resulting landscape makes a haven for a diverse array of wildlife. So it should come as no surprise to us to learn there are also reports of Bigfoot and Sasquatch creatures along with a multitude of Paranormal and ExtraTerrestrial Reports. Set on land as old as time, this area is home to far more than many people realise.

Jerimiah Fountain is a long term Researcher who lives in a rural neighborhood on the edge of the Protected forest in Rural Eastern NC. Jerimiah is a keen outdoors man and is no stranger to the area, he is also a keen Cryptid and Paranormal researcher who has for many years worked alongside some of the leading Bigfoot Researchers in the field. Trained by Will Jevnig in evidence collection and research techniques, Jerimiah had been studying the area for a possible ‘hotspot’ or route through the area due to the number of reports and early evidence found in the forest and bayou itself. Jerimiah was out with his step-son yesterday evening 9th April 2020.

They had set out to search for what they believed to be a possible corridor or route on the very edge of the forest, there are a number of game trails and waterway that meet at this particular point along the tracks on the edge of the forest, potentially making it a choke point and an ideal area to look for evidence finds, prints or possible structure. Across one of the waterways is an old train trestle which they were walking down, and the train track trestles a bridge over the bayou at one point, just as they were approaching the bridge section Jerimiah’s step-son spotted something further along the track and asked ‘Jerimiah what is that’ and points to ‘something’ heavily built and tall standing about 200 yards away up the track from them. “I don't know what it was and I don't want to guess. All I can say is, it was tall, heavily built, auburn in colour and it moved off very athletically”

Jerimaih’s step-son made this statement. “As we were walking along the tracks, I saw something standing on the other side of the bank further down the track, I brought out my phone to take a picture and asked Jerimiah what it was and pointed where I could see it standing. It was just standing there looking at us. As I lifted my hand up it just bolted” it went into the tree line across the bayou. I was standing there pointing to where I could see him or what I think was him peeping in the trees on the other side of the bank. Jerimiah said we can't speculate about what it was. But I think it was a Bigfoot. We stood there a while watching ‘it’ peeping back and forth in the brush, eventually Jerimiah was able to make out something across from the both, but it stayed very well hidden all of the time.

Jerimiah and his step-son turned around, and went down the slope into the bayou area itself. To look for any possible evidence for what they had just seen, at and around the trestle, they did find lots of prints in varying sizes. And a dead alligator with strange bite marks out of it's back. The bite marks looked as if something had bitten it, there were two things that stood out as strange, one was the way this alligator had been bitten. Normally if it's another gator that attacks a smaller one it will take a limb or a tail, when they do, they bite and roll until the limbs are removed, they will not bite chunks out of the top of the animals back and neck. They then would move the body below the water line. We do have large cats in the area, but the second reason I think this kill is strange is due to where the Alligator had been placed, it was positioned high up on the trestle girders of the bridge and hidden under a piece of bark, a stick and turkey wing.

In order to get images and I could not get to the exact spot, whatever placed the Alligator there would have been at least upto it's waist in Alligator infested water, with outstretched arms and the ability to place it as we found it. If I was to do this, I would have to stand in the water, pick the gator up, place it there on the trestle and then cover and conceal it. It was covered up with bark other than the head and the area of the bites. (see images) So something killed this thing, and had eaten from it, then placed it up there and hid it away until it was needed. It had to be tall, really tall.

Jerimiah stayed in the area and collected photographic and video images of the different prints they found out there, and the Alligator itself. When Jerimiah step-son first spotted the possible Bigfoot it was not too far from a railroad sign, they did a size comparison to try and gage the height of the possible Creature. Jerimiah was even with the sign, and this ‘thing’ was about two feet above it. So in estimation Jerimiah concluded the creature would have been well above seven feet tall.

Jerimiah collected his evidence and they returned home. Although he is still not 100% what they saw, Jerimiah was happy to make this report and will continue to research the area in the hopes of further evidence.

You can find Jerimiah and his research group here
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