A Man reports seeing 7-to-8 foot tall creature walking across rural road in Georgia

A 51-year-old man says he saw a 7-to 8-foot creature standing along a mountain highway in Georgia, leading to talk of a legendary Bigfoot being on the loose in Rich Mountain Wilderness area. The incident happened about 8:30 p.m., along State Highway 515 in Cherry Log. It was still light out and the driver braked when he saw what he described as a very dark, 7 to 8-foot tall, hairy, two legged creature with a pointed head,”

The driver pulled over, skidding on the gravel, and waited on the back side of the small patch of woods thinking the creature would emerge on the other side. But it never did. The witness Edward Lee, says he fears being ridiculed over the incident. But he told the Charlotte Observer he does believe he saw a Bigfoot on his way home that Monday night. “My own wife didn’t believe me, I guess,” he told the Observer, noting they’d been married 23 years. “It wasn’t no bear. It was walking straight up, like a human, with long arms swinging back and forth like a monkey. I saw it on the side of the road, it took five steps and was gone in the woods.”

Prior to that, he says he wasn’t what you’d call a believer in the fabled creature. He wonders if development in the area is flushing them out. “I mean, I’m 51 and I’ve never seen one before,” he said, adding that he was definitely afraid. “I wasn’t getting out of the truck and I wasn’t going to go into the woods looking for it.”


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