Four Little Men who caused a Car Crash -Two Little Men Who were Angry at Being Seen.

Reports of Brownies, Gringotts, Pucca's and Strange Little Men.

Witness Report Received on Facebook - My auntie almost caused a car crash when she was 14 in about 1969, living in Bushmills area of Northern Ireland. She blamed the crash on the Four Little Men that were in the road. Oonagh Don was her name then. Her mother Margaret Don was driving on a country road in the dim early morning and Oonagh screamed LOOK OUT and her mum veered and almost flipped the car, and she was told off quite sternly. She was sobbing at being scolded, she had almost wrecked the car but she was adamant at what she saw in the road and she asked “didn’t you see them?” 

Auntie Oonagh said four little men were crossing the road in single file with robes or blankets around them. She described them as being about three feet tall. This might sound like a tall tale but in all her years she told it she always told it the same way. In her twenties she became ultra religious as some John Wimber evangelist came through the UK in the 80s. she married a member of that outreach and stayed ultra religious her whole life. She was extremely humble and grounded, no mental health issues, strict moral character and would never lie -so when she said she saw these people I believe her. 

She said she couldn’t explain it, it was just what happened that day and my granny, her mother didn’t see a thing. Both of them have passed on only a few years ago, but the story can’t go into obscurity. So with my permission its ok to share this Deborah.

As many of you know Ireland and Eire have a rich history of little folk, many people to this day make reports of little folk, horses mains are plaited and milk stolen from pales, farmers talk of missing blankets and tools that turn up again weeks or months later clean and sharp and better than before. It is said if you leave bread, milk and honey the little folk will help look after your land and animals. Planting Holly is also said to ward off the negative energy of the wee folk. 

Whilst researching the report at Bushmills I came across this coincidental information. In the old legends Oonagh was “Queen of the Fairies" who had long golden hair which reached to the ground and she was also the wife of Fionn Mac Cool. Maybe her bloodline is still alive and well and living amongst us. 

It is also said If you happen upon a Faerie funeral, it’s probably not a good idea to stick around. ‘Goblin Tales of Lancashire’ (1878) tells the story of two men who stumble upon a boggart funeral. One of the men, Robin, sees his own image in the coffin, and dies just a month later. You should never name any of the wee folk or give them a gift as the old law states they must be humble and polite unless you do either of these acts.

Two Little Men Angry at Being Seen. Lancashire Brownies - Lancashire's little folk are often known as Brownies, this is an encounter reported on youtube from a young man reporting on behalf of his Father.

Witness Report received on Youtube - My Dad was walking in the woods in lancashire and he said it went really quiet and eerie and just at that moment he come upon two strange looking men talking face to face. He said they were very small about 4 feet tall and they were wearing weird brown clothes he's never seen before and what shocked him was they both spun round really quick with a shocked look on their face and they both then looked at each other in shock and then looked back at my Dad in a really nasty way..

They seemed to be angry because he had seen them, at that moment my Dad felt scared so he turned back and walked away very quickly...never seen them since....?

Little Golden Maned Men, Errington Woods 1/1/18 - Deborah. I came across your website whilst searching for some help. I want to report something I saw on new years day this year while I was walking my dog. I know you usually take reports of  Bigfoot's and Yetis but I don't know how else to explain the "things" that I have saw or who to go too to report it. I guess you could call them Little Foots. Because I saw something in the woods that wasn't large, but they were short. Two little small and hairy human type figures.

I regularly take my dog walking in some woods near the village of New Marke. These woods are called Errington Woods. Well on New Years day I was on my usual walk with the dogs when I heard these chattering noises, it sounded like two men muttering. and it sounded to me almost ape like. I looked into the trees where the direction of the sounds were coming from and I came across these two creatures both stood near a felled tree. They were about 3 feet tall and covered in tawny coloured hair.  They were both males and I saw anatomy on one. They looked like small primitive humans and one was wearing what I can only assume was a loin cloth. They each had a mane of hair down their necks. They were very muscular and I got the impression that they were not children or young, that they were fully grown. They were just two little men covered with golden tawny hair.

They stared at me for a few seconds and I got my mobile out. My black lab then started barking at them. As I was loading the camera they shot off into the bushes and I had no chance to take a picture. They soon disappeared and I lost sight of them. Any way that's my story as it happened. Thanks for your time.

A Strange looking Gringott- I visit the woods often as I like to feed the Deer, I am often in one area and I have had some strange experiences there. Two years ago in Autumn or early Winter I was there one Sunday morning. I was looking through my bino's and around 180/200 yards away, sideways on was a pale ivory colour I couldn't put a name too. It looked like the things that look after the bank in Harry potter? A strange little pale man. 

I watched it for a fair while, I would say probably around 20 mins plus. It moved only very little in that time, but it kept the same sideways angle more or less the entire time I was looking at it. I could just make out the head, that's all I could see from my position. It was possibly 18 high and had a long nose, large pointed back ears and it was all the same colour.

A Man Dressed in green - Witness Report. I would like to report a strange experience that happened some time ago now, I have never forgotten this incident and Im happy for you to share it.  I was with a few friends many years ago, driving around north wales at about 5am we were driving on the country lanes, and right in front of us a small man who stood about 3 feet tall appeared from a bush at the side of the road, He was not naked or hairy as he was wearing all green and wearing a green hat on his head. In his hand he was carrying a small golden harp, he just appeared at the side of the road out of dense bushes that surrounded an open field, as we drove past we slowed down to check him out, he just casually crossed the road as we drove by and then he disappeared into the bushes on the other side of the road, both were hedges surrounding empty fields, miles from anywhere halfway up a very large steep hilly area, I still wonder to this day if we witnessed an actual gnome !!

If I had to describe him I would say he was basically wearing like a robin hood type of suit or peter pan with a pointed hat, the harp was small like it was made exactly for his size, now only seen him for about 30 seconds tops but we all saw him, I mean it could have been a really small person out at 5am in the middle of nowhere for his harp practice, but any normal explanation seems just as far fetched as the crazy explanation.

There are several kinds of little folk known by many differing names. Some are helpful and positive others are tricksters and thieves, some are very negative and will steal your shadow or your energy, in fact some would steal your eyeballs and come back for the sockets. The names may change with the centuries but they are the same creatures as old as time whose presence here in the UK is passed on by mouth through tales told around a fire upto and including our modern day blogs and websites. 

For Thousand of years these mysteries folk have been here on this Isle, the Picts themselves are said to have descended from them, but would it surprise you to know they are not always seen as little folk. Some were called Brownies, Boggarts, Bullbeggars, Imps and Nexies. Some were as small as a flower or elfen in appearance and some were said to be tall, dark and hairy or tall, fair and hairy. There are also little hairy folk some dressed in Brown, Green or wearing skins others wore no clothes at all other than their hairy bodies. 

The Pucca is described as tall hunched and dark creature in its appearance. Said to resemble Pan it is also referred to as a tree spirit or elemental. No matter where you are in the world, wherever your feet walk, you will be walking in an area with a tale about little folk or the Fae without even realising it. These stories were told by our forefathers and carried on the mouths of storytellers the world over. You probably have a story like this in your own family. If you do we would love to hear it!


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