Driver spots ‘Bigfoot’ walking across rural highway Aug 2018

A mysterious Bigfoot-like creature was spotted crossing an upstate highway half a mile from where a similar-looking beast was sighted 12 years ago, A driver was headed to Vermont at around at 10:10 p.m. Tuesday when he witnessed the 6-foot upright-walking ape stepping over a guardrail along Route 4 in Whitehall, said Paul Bartholomew, an investigator and author specializing in Sasquatch encounters. “He was stunned. His jaw just dropped open,” said Bartholomew. “But this is actually a very typical type of sighting.”

The witness described the creature to Bartholomew as black and hairy with two legs, wide shoulders and a small neck, he said. Sightings of Sasquatch crossing a road are the most common upstate and are usually reported in August and September, according to Bartholomew. “Whether it’s a migration I’m not sure. But there’s a real consistency with the reports. People will be driving at night — and they describe seeing the same thing,” he said. “A forest road is the most likely a place for a person to have the opportunity to see the creature.”

A similar ape-like animal was reported half a mile away in September 2006. Hundreds more sightings have been reported in the area over the years, he said. On Tuesday, the driver wasn’t able to snap a photo of the beast because it happened “too quickly,” he said. The animal left no footprint due to the rugged terrain