I saw IT through the car window. Shapeshifting Creatures & "they were going to kill something"! & a number of new reports

In the last few weeks you have heard me talk about patterns in the sighting reports. In an earlier recording I explained how many people are simply going about their everyday lives when they are suddenly confronted by something Impossible to explain. The regular things we do each day, like walking the dog or going for a walk at the weekend can end up to be life changing events. 

In 2003 I made friends with a man who was about 60 years old. He was easy to talk to and when he found out that I loved the paranormal he told me of an event that happened to him and girlfriend decades earlier. They had parked in the centre of a car park, late at night, in a place called Carrick's Picnic Area near Blanchland. He was sitting with his eyes closed listening to the radio when his girlfriend said 'Someone's just looked in the window!'.

He looked out her window to see nothing but darkness and when he turned to look out of his window he saw a bald head rising up with a pale face looking straight at him. He instinctively pushed the door open and jumped out to chase off whoever it was. There was no-one there. He looked around the entire car park, and realized the only place someone could be was under the car, as no-one could run off from the centre of a car park so quickly.
He looked underneath the car to see nothing there. He then realized that the face he had seen wasnt that of a regular human, he just thought it must have been human because what else would be looking in the car? I asked 'So was it an alien that teleported away?' He replied 'I dont know what it was, I just know that no person could have gotten out of sight that quickly'

When I told my girlfriend this story, she said 'That is the second creepy story I have heard from there'. She went on to explain had walked into a work's smoke room at the end of a conversation that involved several young women who were planning going there one night and seeing something that caused them to speed out of the car park with them all screaming in terror on an earlier visit. She did not know the woman telling the story well enough to ask about what they had actually seen, and so we never found out.

There might be nothing there now, as the first story would be in the early 80s and the second story early 90s, but as there is not much happening with the lockdown, I thought I would tell you, and hopefully other people will tell any stories they have heard from that area. Or someone may know one of the ladies who was scared away from the picnic area.

Woman driver in Idaho claims her car crash was caused by a Bigfoot 2017

A MOTORIST has told police that Bigfoot caused her to crash her car. The 50-year-old woman claims she spotted the huge beast chase a deer on the side of the road while driving and this distracted her from the road. The woman, who was not identified, told the Latah County Sheriff’s Office that she saw a Sasquatch chasing a deer on a stretch of the US-95 highway just outside Potlatch in Idaho. She said the ape-like creature she spotted was “shaggy” and between seven and eight foot tall.

After going past the Bigfoot the woman said she checked her mirrors to see it again. But she said then while she was distracted watching the creature she hit a deer with her Subaru Forester, the woman continued driving, picked up her husband from work then drove to police station to report what happened. The cops found no evidence of Bigfoot at the scene of the crash. It was reported that the driver suffered a “minor neck injury.” 

Bigfoot declined to comment.

An Invisible visitor, South Wales, June 2018

I used to go to a few quiet spots in the car sometimes socially with a mate and smoke a joint and have a catch up. My main spot I've been going to for about 10 years. I never had any issues until this one time when I stupidly said to my friend I'm going to pull into those woods (which is signed as a natural burial ground) and let the windows down while we roll up" see if we can stir something up. I don't know why, I was just messing about I guess. 

I've never been in this natural burial ground before as its in dense woodland. As I drove in there was no sign of anyone and no cars. No houses for at least a mile or 2.  I've stopped, the engine is off and lights are also off. My mate has started to roll up, pretty much straight away really, 30 seconds to a minute anyway. I could hear whispering outside, it was quiet but with both windows down it was loud enough to hear. At least 3-4 sources of whispering in a foreign sounding weird sort of speech. But the strange thing with the whispering was it sort of swirled around the car. One voice would mumble something in a whisper then another next to it would answer, then another voice on the opposite side of car. Im not exactly sure if it was 3 or 4 voices or maybe more. 

Extensive damage to the Bronze Age burial mound in Wentwood Forest. 
So we are grown men now. Never really get scared easy. Just as I was about to ask my mate if he was hearing this I can already see him looking kind of spooked and looking outside his window to the side. I asked "Can you hear that talking" and he said "yeah man go man go" So I've started the car, turned on the lights, the windows are up and Iv now pressed the central locking button to close all doors, so quickly that I sort of did everything in 1 action. I drove out quick but safe down to the next turn which is about a mile down the main road. 

I Drove to the spot Im used to down the lane and as usual I turned the car around so it was facing out wards. I was backed up into the dead end which is at the end of a farmers driveway. On my side  is a hedge which surrounds a field which goes up to another field which connects to the burial place. There is a thick hedge about 9-10 ft high. Behind that is a wood line of trees with a walking path which takes you to a dead end. My car lights could be seen  far down the path and when I look I can see people around. In the ten years I have been coming here I have never seen anyone in the day, been bothered or moved on. 

We were watching these figures and talking about the chattering we had just heard in the burial ground. I turned off my lights and I looked in my rear view mirror as I thought I saw something dart across the window. I just put it down to my eyes adjusting to the lights going off . And matey starts looking spooked again, he is talking to me but he keeps looking past/behind me kind of out the window. As he was talking I had a really strong sense of fear come over me that I can only compare to sleep paralysis (anyone who has had it knows the fear) for about 30 seconds we're just kind of frozen stuck, it was a really strange moment.

Then the car door handle my side is been yanked up really hard. People don't flap a door handle that way.  It sounded like it nearly pulled the whole handle off. Thank god I had activated the central locking and put window up. I've turned on the car and wheel spun off so hard everything on mateys lap to roll up has gone flying everywhere. I said "sorry man really sorry but please tell me you heard my door handle get pulled" he confirmed that he did and he just wanted to go home. On the way home he said he saw the window behind me get shadowed out, but it wasn't a figure of a person so he never said anything to me, all he said is the whole window kind of shadowed. We were spun out badly, two fully grown men full of real fear.

We put it down to people, or some sort of paranormal event from the burial grounds. I've heard some really similar chatter sounds online but obviously none have the swirly effect we heard its usually just one voice babbling. It wasn't English because we would understand it. 

The Scottish Place, As Giants Walk By.

We were doing a tour of Scotland after a wedding we were attending in Glasgow, where my girlfriends family were from and I, of course wanted to go to Loch Ness. At the wedding I was asked by lots of people about where we were visiting, and when I said Glencoe, every single one of them said seriously!!!??  'no, you dont want to go there son...'

Anyway we did and arrived to a very quiet and not at all full hotel. The lady showed us to a room at the back and my girlfriend went in to the bathroom. "20 seconds later she comes out looking me straight in the eyes and says, 'we can't stay here. I am not using that bathroom.'' she motions me to the door. Now I can usually tell you if there is a ghost around and the room was just dripping with that malicious, right behind your shoulder feeling, I mean the air was almost sweaty with hatred it was really intense.

So we look in our hotel tourism guide and its dusk nearly now as we arrived late afternoon, and she finds a hotel in Oban, 30 or so miles away, and calls them up. When the lady on the phone hears that we are in Glencoe she says, 'Oh I understand' as if this happens all the time and she regularly receives urgent room requests from terrified tourists in Glencoe. The feeling in the room was growing more intense and we just took our cases and ran, my girlfriend was so spooked by the room that she was convinced that we were deliberately put in that room with the ghost and didnt want to call the lady behind reception in case something else creepy happened. We get outside to the carpark and its dusk and foggy and the light is fading fast. We are at the open boot with the cases and these two giants walk out of the mist heading towards us. I put down the cases and turned toward them standing up straight as you do when preparing to confront someone big in the dark.

And the feeling coming off them was just cold they were at least six inches to a foot taller than me and both had long thick hair tied back behind their necks. They were dressed in leather trousers/leggings which were like those you would see in a period movie or Highlander, they didnt look as if they came from a shop. The two Men were wearing similar rough tall boots and gloves secured with straps on to their arms.  On each Man's leg was strapped a huge hunting knife. They probably walked for 20 feet towards us as I was trying to look as if I wasnt intimidated standing my ground facing them both.

As they got to us their path took them within touching distance of me and they didnt even glance at us they were on another level, It was not even indifference, they just acted like we were not there. As they step past us, a feeling of the wild washes off them, it was cold and wild like the hills but with another feeling of deep strong resolve, thats the closest way that I can describe it. I have never had that feeling from any other human. These two giants were on a mission and we were like fog to them, as I said, the least 'human', humans I ever saw.

It was almost dark and they walked off on to the grass and up the hill and disappeared in the fog. We just looked at each other in disbelief and jumped in the car and floored it like we had just robbed the place, I mean we actually did spin the car and screech the tyres as we left.

Without doubt this area is the most wrong place that I have ever been, the hotel room was extreme but not scary for me, it affected her much worse but the Highlanders were from another dimension  or something, and I can remember how small and fake I felt squaring up to them in the fog, like I was 9 years old and trying to protect my Mum from a monster. They were giants and they didnt even see us, that was freaky, they just were doing something more important. The feeling of resolve from them was very strong and the feeling of the wild too. I have no idea who or what they were, or why they were walking off  into the haunted hills in the dark with no lights, but if I was an evil force or monster I would have been scared of those two for sure. Thats it, it felt like they were going to kill something. 

 That was it, a very short and odd experience. I will never even drive through that area again and would do a 200 mile detour to avoid it, let alone stay there. Thanks Debs, I had forgotten how intense it all was until I wrote it down to send across to you, It only lasted for probably 20 seconds but I can still see them now. For some reason I cant picture their eyes, they had big long angular faces but I can't remember their eyes at all.

The Human Like Hairy Figure on Robin Hood Lane. Derbyshire Dec 2019

Around two weeks ago I was driving down Robin hood lane which lies between Holloway and Whatstandwell in Derbyshire, I was returning after finishing up taking some photos of derelict buildings just as the daylight was starting to fade, I am a photographer, I packed up and as I came down the lane which is narrow, I was driving at a moderate speed when I realised there appeared to be a 'human looking figure' stood just at the edge of the road and the wood, as soon as I saw 'It' I stopped the car about 10 feet away from where 'It had walked. 'It' did not run but walked across the lane in front of my car.

Now for the description and believe me I wish this was just my imagination. Whatever 'It' was, 'It' stood around 7ft tall perhaps maybe even a little taller (I was guaging this as I had to bend down in the car too look out of the windscreen at 'It) 'It' was covered in dark brown hair, it had a stump neck, broad shoulders and 'It' was slightly bent at the knees as 'It' walked. I am sure 'It' was a Male but to be honest I wasn't looking directly at 'It' as I was so shocked that I seen 'It'. 'Its' face looked slightly like a human face would with a flat nose and thick lips and small ears.

The creature walked across the lane in front of my car and carried on walking up towards the old stone quarry. I gave it 15 mins to move off and away from me then I got out of the car, mainly for a ciggy and fresh air I was pretty confused and shaken up and looked around on the wet damp ground and there were no footprints, not a one anywhere on the ground. I did go back the next night and went and sat in the quarry itself for around 6 hours. There was no bird activity or any noise at all, nothing stirred out there. 

Sneering Upright Reptilian and a Shapeshifting Toad 2009

Witness Report: Very briefly, approximately ten years ago,  I had worked an evening shift and I was leaving work in Hutton, Preston, Lancashire . I am now retired, but I have never forgotten this incident and what I saw and experienced that night.  In keeping with the normal UK winter evening scene it was quiet out and no people were around anywhere, the place was deserted, as it always was outside the normal working hours of 8 am and 6 pm.  It was about 8.10 pm and it was a dark winter’s evening. I was alone, exhausted and looking forward to getting home, I got in my car and drove out of the deserted car park. 

The place I worked at back then was just off the A49 which is lit by street lamps with houses on one side of the road. The same as any area in most towns all across the UK. An ordinary winters night at the end of a very ordinary day.  There was quite a substantial mist formed that evening, which is not uncommon as the area is quite rural and there are lots of surrounding fields, we are in the NW of the UK so its quite normal for us to have fog or mist regardless of the season. I drove out of the car park, stopping at the ‘give way’ sign at the exit, as I was intending to turn right into the next Lane, in order to get home.  On looking left, to check the road was clear of cars before pulling out, my attention was caught by a large figure sauntering down the middle of the lane coming towards me. 

In short, Debbie, 'It' was a Hideous, Huge, Arrogant, Sneering Upright Reptilian. 'It' was about 8 ft high or more. 'It' was honed to the peak of physical perfection,'It' was very fit, I would even say 'It' was sculpted and lean, not bulked up at all, and 'It' was unmistakably an intensely powerful Predator, I had no doubt about that.  'It' seemed to be male, and had a reptilian face, with scales on 'Its' skin and there seemed to be definite telepathic elements to the whole experience.  I could feel 'It' feeding off the sheer terror I was experiencing, and also enjoying it.  Once I had managed to get my wits together, which took quite a few seconds, I drove off. I had a clear, uninterrupted view of this creature, for some seconds and my view was aided by the street lamps.  I am very definite in what I saw that night. And I would love to find anyone else who has experienced this type of Being here in the UK. This is not the first experience I have had in that area with something that shifted shape.

The two shapeshifter incidents happened approximately ten years ago. I am unable to give you dates because I was In such a state, I had to put all of these events on the backburner. I had no idea what was going on and I could tell no one. I did tell my sister, I think, because she could be trusted. It was literally years later that I realised they had actually shapeshifted and what that meant.  

The first time it ever happened was at a friend’s house. There were a few of us, not drinking alcohol or taking drugs or anything like that we were just sat around chatting. One of the friends of my friend whose house it was, was a short, slender male, about forty ish at the time, and he was there.I had chatted to him a few times and he was a nice enough chap, chatty and friendly. He was also a little odd, not in a bad way, and talked constantly of ufos and aliens and stuff of that nature.  Anyhow, on this occasion, he happened to be sitting on the couch, when I saw him instantaneously switch into an upright human like lizard thing.  It’s colouring was very light with very light brown patches on it. I stared at it for about 4 seconds. It then switched back. Again in an instant. I was so astounded I said to him  ‘You just turned into a lizard then!’  To which he replied, laughing  ‘Sometimes I think I am a lizard’ And the moment passed and it was never mentioned again.  

We lost contact when the crowd we were in  sort of dissolved when our joint friend moved away. I tried to contact this male recently, having finally processed that he was a shapeshifter, but he would not respond 

The second incident happened in a weekday at lunchtime. I was in work and eating lunch. I was sat next to a woman called Anne, who was eating her lunch also.  We were sitting at work stations and were effectively shoulder to shoulder. We weren’t talking but I suddenly noticed that Anne, was pushing food into her mouth with both hands. She was literally stuffing food in her mouth as fast as she could. I felt a horrible prickle of fear down my spine. I knew something was very wrong. It was like an eating frenzy and very out of character.  ‘Anne’, who I had known for years, who normally ate like a cat, with very measured portions and tiny mouthfuls that she would carefully savour. She was, however, very overweight, which seemed at odds with her very controlled manner when consuming food

Now fully aware that something was going on, I gently turned my head to my right, very slightly, to afford a better view of this strangeness.  Right beside me was what I can only describe as a khaki brown obese upright human like ‘toad’ thing. That’s the best I can do to build a picture for you.  This thing, which had a huge toad like wide mouth, was still using both ‘hands’ to stuff food in. It would be impossible for anything human to chew that food and then swallow it at that continuing speed and that quantity. I looked for about three or four seconds, quietly turning my head back and then sitting there, motionless and speechless, in shocked silence. The next time I had cause to look at her, she was normal again.  It was never mentioned and ‘Anne’ seemed completely unaware of what had happened

On all the occasions I experienced, the switch was instant with no warning signs, no blurring of the edges, no sounds, nothing. They just switched. It is the most bizarre thing. 

Bigfoot Sighting on Highway 101, October 2008

During the height of the smoke from the Mendocino fires, a Laytonville man had an encounter with an apelike creature while driving north of Willits on Highway 101 near Shimmins Ridge Road.

“This animal stepped onto the southbound lane near where the guardrail stops, It was very smoky and incredibly hot, at least 100 degrees but still daylight. It ran really fast, directly into the path of a small truck, which had pulled out to pass me, after the lanes had expanded from two lanes to four. The creature was completely black and looked all freaked out. I pointed at it so the other driver could see it and hit my brakes, hard. I didn't think I could stop in time and was sure I was going to hit it. Miraculously the passing truck missed the creature and sped out of sight.

“As the creature ran toward me, I saw it was least seven feet tall. The animal never slowed down as it ran on its hind legs like a man. I thought, ”it looks like a guy in a gorilla suit.” When it got to middle of the freeway, I could see it clearly. Its whole head was covered in black hair. I couldn't see any ears. As I was braking hard to make a panic stop the creature put its arms down and started running on four legs, bounding across the freeway. It had giant arms; they were very long and covered with fur. When my car finally stopped, I looked out the windshield and it stopped about 25 feet in front of me at the edge of the road. It was at eye level with me as I sat in the car.

“I had no idea what it was. It was covered with hair down to the ground. I looked at its face and it was completely flat without a nose. It turned his whole body toward me-its neck was stiff. We made eye contact. Its face was yellow or gold like a ripe banana. It had holes for its nostrils and a smooth and shiny forehead with ridges instead of eyebrows. It had a simian face. I saw a red glow coming back from its eyes; it may have been a reflection from my headlights. Its mouth was closed and it had thin lips, it didn't show any teeth and made no sound, at all. Then it turned and leapt down into the ditch and up the hillside. I was freaked out.”

At first, Chris LoPinto had no idea what he had seen; he thought it might have been an escaped zoo or circus animal. He called the Department of Fish and Game biologist and found there were no apelike animals native to North America and that no such creature had been reported lost in the area. LoPinto filed an incident report with them. LoPinto also filed a police report with the Mendocino County Sheriff”s Department. There have been a number of Bigfoot sightings in Mendocino and Humboldt counties.

A “paranormal” observer in December 2007 reported seeing a large animal standing on two legs next to her car. She reported it patted the window of her car several times before running away at high speed.

In May 2004, a group of six hikers north of Highway 162 near Murry Range reported finding a series of unusual large tracks. One of the witnesses said,“a friend saw one cross Highway 162 just outside of town as he was driving to work in Willits.” 

In 1961 and 1962, a series of Bigfoot tracks were reported by a Bob Titmus northeast of Covelo. In 1962 in a remote area near Fort Bragg, Robert Hatfield reported seeing a Bigfoot standing head and shoulders above a six foot fence. Hatfield later rounded the corner of a house and walked right into the creature. Hatfield was “knocked to the ground and scrambles to the house on all fours. A neighbor in the house tried to close the door to prevent the creature from getting in. The Bigfoot then runs off leaving a large muddy “handprint” on the door.

Bigfoot sighting reported by a retired police officer in April of 2013

I was leaving my cabin heading back from the Pembine area to Green Bay as I rounded a corner and headed south on county road OO. I saw a figure cross the road. It walked slowly from East to West as though not in any hurry. I viewed it from the area just above the elbow up. It had a pointed head, very broad shoulders, and large biceps. I could see the arms swing as it walked just as a human would do. Its color was brown... a mix of dark and light brown with the sun shining off it. It was not black. I sped up to get a good look at it and it was gone. I stopped where I saw it cross and looked to the east. The area was open with scrub brush and its color would have blended in perfect with the surrounding area. It was early spring and there were no leaves on the tree. I could only see to the hills and it would have to have gone 100 to 150 yards down then up to not be seen. I have seen deer, bear, wolves etc in the area and none walk upright.


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