Looking for something new? Why not join our Cryptid and Paranormal Research Group.

No matter where you are in the world there is always someone with the same interests as you looking to share skill sets, swap information or just chat about the similar things you enjoy. Are you looking for other people in your area who like the same interesting topics as you? How many times have you wanted to meet up with or chat online with like minded people, to exchange theories, advic, hints and tips? Would you like the option of joining the world's leading and largest Cryptids and Paranormal Investigation Group. No experience needed, all abilities and ages wanted.

Do you have an interest in Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Paranormal and Unexplained Events, Dogmen, UFO, Abductions, Animal Mutilations, The little Folk, Legend and Lore, Missing People and enjoy sharing the sites you find interesting with others? Would you like to investigate cases when they come in. Your knowledge, experience or unique skills could benefit someone who has just had a life changing experience, a lifetime of events or an ongoing situation at home.

We have new members joining daily. Being a member gives you access to over 1400 sighting and experience reports. An exclusive private map of members, new and exclusive podcasts, Live feeds, Website articles and access to our many social media sites. A monthly email is also available giving you details on any new sighting reports, Paranormal Investigations or research events being held. We also provide a google album for images or evidence finds.

Do you have a Podcast, Facebook page or group, Website, Youtube Channel, Blog, Twitter or any other platform you would like to share freely on a Map of People Worldwide who enjoy the same Genre? You can also include any links you would like to share in the monthly email newsletter. Advertise your facebook groups and social media sites for free. Reach more people who will enjoy your site.

You can find out more by contacting #BBR Investigations at debbiehatswell@gmail.com Or by commenting below. Any memberships outside of the UK and Europe will be processed online to make things easier for you. There are No monthly fees or annual charges. However If you enjoy what we do and would like to make a donation that would be gratefully accepted. 

We can also supply official membership paperwork and team badge for a small fee for Postage and Packaging.


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