A Very Strange Occurrence Darwell Reservior November 2016

This account was not reported as a bigfoot account, no sighting was made, just a strange set of circumstances that we see in other accounts across the UK.........

So, I'm not sure where this would fit in (I am aware of similar experience, but associated with so called Bigfoot/yeti and also UFO  sightings, this also happens to be in vast areas of wilderness) anyway, I was off for a hike, just me, mum and the dog. About halfway into it, I entered a small clearing, I was ahead at this point. As soon as I entered this clearing something didn't feel right, and we were way out away from people at this point. Mum n' dog caught up, and my mum felt a similar feeling, dog refused to cross the bridge, we managed to get her over it, but she still refused to go up the track, which was more of a game trail to be honest. Anyway, we reached a fence that led to a bit of much older woodland in a valley, everything was totally silent, no birds, wind, deer, any mammal actually or insects at all, total deafening silence. And a complete loss of where I was (even though I have been over these woods for years) at that point a large twig snapped and I snapped back into the moment, and we got out of there, we managed to find the proper track,and then crossed over to another footpath into another set of woods, as soon as we got into that side, everything was back to normal, like a switch had been turned on. I would like to know of similar experiences and ideas as to what it could be, as my curiosity has got the better of me.