The Caveman of Lustleigh Cleve Devon

A witness confided that she had been walking alone at dusk one night near the Neolithic earthworks at the top of Lustleigh Cleave on the extreme eastern side of Dartmoor when she had seen a family of cave men, either naked and covered in hair or wrapped in the shaggy pelts of some wild animal, shambling around the stone circle at the top of the Cleave. 

For all this is a strange report, when doing an area check i realised this is within a short distance of many other sightings, the area is the East Devon Area of Oustanding beauty and has a protected woodland next to the cleve area.

Within a six mile radius we have four other accounts

The Dorset Ape
The Dorset Caveman
The Colebrook Red Monkey
The Kenford Huge Hairy Man

A place i would visit when out looking for our forest friends.

Deborah Hatswell 18/11/16

you can access the other sightings here mid=1s1zOmmdM216PMftPUM9K1qqGrFg&ll=54.970435754010545%2C-3.548557128125026&z=4