A Werewolf in Tamworth

In the witnesses own words: I live in england n i used to live in a town called tamworth n their is a woodlands park with lakes n lots of nature n i was walking thru it one night and i could hear noises behind me but i didnt think anything of it so i carried on walking and it was black apart from the moon light nand i heard the noises a second time n i turned round thinking it was kids playin a prank on me and i froze i swear to god i froze on the spot there right in front of me was this big like wolf man thing and i dint no wat to do so i tried to run and fell over a felled tree and turned on to my back and i came face to face wiv this thing it was definately part canine it smelled like dog and looked like dog but walked like humans do and ive never been so scared in all my life untill that point. anyways i heard another noise coming from the side of me n i managed to peel my eyes away from the wolf like man thing and looked across and it was a deer and this beast just took off and grabbed hold of the deer and just started to bite into it like it was a piece of steak or something and i saw this as a chance to run so i did n ran straight over the gates and onto a lit up street and i ran all the way home crying my eyes out i told my parents i told the police and every thing n they all laughed at me well since that nitgh 14 people have gone missing in those woods which maes me think about how lucky i was that this deer came along i have recently moved out of tamworth and i now live in leeds and the part where i live there is a woods called esholt woods and ive been in their a few times at night and i swear to god i have seen the same thing but i dunno if anyone has gone missing round here yet i am too scared to go out now after dark incase i see it again n im not so lucky that time i ahve searched high and low for people who have had sighting or believe in the same as me because now people might actually believe me rather than just laughing at me but i am just wondering is it possible for this werewolf like thing to follow me 180 miles and keep taunting me because now i wont go out after dark and i always make sure im in before it gets dark ive actually got to that stage now where i dont want to leave the house at all im that scared would somebody please enlighten me on what to do and if i can stop this werewolf thing from following me any help would be apprecated thankyou

D. Hatswell