Part Two of Nemanuh's Words

The Difference Between Want And Need

In the beginning days we were as one, we lived together, traded together, and helped each other to learn, there was peace in all lands, and the earth had enough to fill us, for all we have are basic needs, the need for food, water and shelter, after that everything else is want. But then the cold days came, the sun hid her beauty and you humans got sick, your children and elders were hit worse, so we understood your need for shelter, and we were happy as you built them, then the light and noise in the sky brought fire and this helped you too, through the cold years, but the want of things never stopped, then you needed a soft grass bed and furs to wear and tools to make your life easier, but each new tool made you greedy for more, why have a grass bed, when a fine wooden one would make you feel richer, as your need of more and more grew your sense of self got smaller and smaller, the love you had for the earth started to peter away slowly drip, drip, drip, then you forgot how to work with nature, and instead of using your quick minds in harmony with nature for the earth’s good, you fought against nature with your machines, you fought so hard, you changed nature and made it bend to your whim. And you lost your knowledge of us, we couldn’t help you as your minds filled with want and need, each new shiny gadget bringing you happiness, you stopped walking in the fields and woods, the hedgerows and meadows, you speed past them in your cars that spew poison, you don’t know your food and understand the blessing it is to eat and have a full belly, But there were some humans who never forgot, a small light inside them shone, they had to wander not understanding their need to reconnect with nature, and the other humans shunned them,  the knowledge of our people became lost and buried and we retreated and hid ourselves from you, the spaces becoming smaller and smaller as you built wider and higher, so the empowered ones of your kind, had to go alone without teaching, but as the world changed as it has to, time ran on and the humans too began to despise the excess, the wanton needs of things, they left some on their own, some joining and making groups together, they longed to return to the old ways, longed to connect with “us” the universe and love. So we slowly came forward and as our thoughts met, we would reveal ourselves and teach you the way, it started with a small few, and that grew and grew and now across the world a great tide is swelling, growing and this is as it should be. The dark times are over and with new light a new path will emerge, just trust, love and be blessed.