What Was That ? !!! Four Elms Woods Devon 26/11/16

Saturday the 26/11/16
Four Elms Woods devon

Witness Account:
I walked down into my woods,at about 3pm i walked off the beaten track down in to a high sided ravine,
Im following a game track that had been clearly beaten down by something,it appeared to go no where and was not easy to access ,with a brook running down the side of it. As i got to the bottom i seemed to hit a silence in the woodland. Everything was still and quiet, it was unsettling, behind me 70/80 yards in the hill a tree was shaked violently, as i spun round i could see the tree still moving but none of the other trees were moving, it was like this one on its own and everything else was still. Im sure something was ducking down in the bracken above on the hill but i was to low in the ravine to see up on top the hill.

To my left down at the bottom of the brook i can hear branches being snapped and felt like something was walking away from me. I walked back up and went back to the car.

Reported to D. Hatswell BBRT