Aberfoyle Screams and Growls September 2016

I found this email address online and hope I've found the right person.

My husband and I are staying at holiday cottage near Aberfoyle and it's located in a very remote spot beside a small river. Last night around 00:45 we were outside having a cigarette before bed and commenting how quiet it was. We were then startled by a very low, almost guttural exhale of breath.

I shot inside faster than I've ever moved before because it sounded so close. I plucked up the courage to go back outside about 20 mins later after my husband convinced me it was just a deer.

Well that worked fine until we heard 2 very loud noises, like 2 trees being hit against each other about 5 seconds apart and it sounded like they came from close by but I know that sound travels further at night so have no real idea of distance. Then came what sounded like a large animal in pain, almost a scream which felt like it went through us. At this point we beat a hasty retreat inside and locked the doors.

The surrounding area is covered in forest with large rocky valley sides with a river running past the house. There is an abandoned quarry about 200 meters away.

I have no idea if I'm just reporting an overly enthusiastic deer but we have deer at home in Yorkshire and I've never heard anything like that ever before!

I have given up smoking at night for the remainder of our stay here as, until I know what it was, I'm not taking the risk!

It was about -4 degrees and a very still night.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

I would like to thank the lady in question for allowing us to share her account and for contacting us, it takes alot of courage to put your head above the parapet and say you experienced something that scared you and you cant explain it, but as i and the other researchers know, it happens over and over again and the more people that speak up the easier it becomes for the next one to come forward.

This account was given to Charmaine Fraser and she kindly allowed me to share it here with you. Charmaine is the leading Scottish Bigfoot researcher and a member of the British Bigfoot Research Team and will be visiting this area shortly to do an area check, and ofcourse we will report any further finding here as soon as they come in.

Deborah Hatswell 20/1/17