The Tarleton Hunched Creature 1996

I was contacted today 13/1/16 by Mark Farnell who wished to report his account when he was a young boy living in Lancashire.

Witness Account: Back in July of 1996, when I was 13 years of age, my friend and I witnessed something in the local woods of the small village I lived in that to this very day I can not explain.

We were young, foolish and just finding time to entertain ourselves. On this occasion it seemed different, we had just completed building an assault course through the woods off track with rope swings etc. We gave it a try out from start to finish but noticed something vague walking through the brush ahead of us, not more than 15 feet away.

We watched as it came into a part clearing. It wasn't much taller than us at the time, perhaps only 5/5 foot but its body was huge, hairy and thick with muscle. I remember it having a humped back almost but it was walking with purpose. It stopped, at the time my friend and I looked at each other knowing what we were seeing was wordless.

As we looked back we noticed it was trying to focus on us through the trees but let out a blood curdling grunt/scream. Knowing it wasn't a person we ran away quicker than ever. Through fear I have never been back to the local woods. It all happened in, Tarleton Village, Lancashire UK

The creature had long dark grey and light brown matted hair.

Tarleton Is situated in an ideal area for a Bigfoot or any large creature to live in, it is very close to the River Douglas and also the Ribble Estuary so it has many habitats and small areas of micro climate, from the estuary with all its bounty and farmers field where a large amount of food crops are planted year round, to the River with its many food sources, with the village itself is quite small and i wouldn't think to many of us walk the lanes and fields at night.

I would like to thank Mark Farnell for allowing me to share this with you.