Salisbury Screeches 2011/12

I received this account today 25/1/17 from a lovely lady that was travelling on the A303 some years ago. I often find that one of the videos or accounts will trigger a memory for others, and for me and the team that's what keeps us going with the witness accounts and reports. On doing a map check this is an area with many Figure sightings so we should expect audio accounts and people experiencing the “feeling of being watched” howls and growls as well. 

So this audio account fits in just right with the other sightings in the area. And i would like to thank Jean Purchase for allowing me to add this to the map and database. Without witnesses like jean coming forward we would not have all the accounts we have to date. Here is Jeans account.

Witness Report: After watching some Bigfoot reports, something came to mind that i had forgotten all about. About 4-5 yrs ago my partner Ian and i were driving back from visiting our daughter in Brighton. The sat-nav sent us all round the houses and we ended up on minor roads we were not familiar with, but eventually we found our way back to the A303. It was cold dark and very foggy and Ian stopped in a lay-by surrounded by countryside, we must have been very close to Salisbury plains at this point. 

My husband got out for a smoke and to stretch his legs as he had been driving for a while, he wasn't out of the car for a minute, but soon got back in saying “i'm not staying out there any longer there's an odd noise” and to be honest i could hear it too. Anyway he got spooked, i got spooked and we couldn't wait to drive away from there. I honestly don't know what it was , but the feeling of dread was very strong, and unusual for us. So we drove away quickly and afterwards put it out of our minds.

We didn't recognise the screeching sound, but know it wasn't a fox or deer call, it could have been an owl i guess but not one i've ever heard before. Its funny looking back on it, but i just remembered how spooked we were lol . Makes me wonder what it really was ,we both grew up in rural areas so we are used to the normal animal sounds and calls, and neither of us don't scare easily. It was about 5 mins drive from the A303 that it happened. 

D. Hatswell 25/1/17