Canadian family’s viral video of mystery animal noise intrigues Bigfoot researchers

Original Source What do you do when you hear a pained, otherworldly growl that sounds like a creature from a western fantasy game? You take out your camera and record it, of course. That's what a family in Ontario, Canada did while out hunting. In the middle of their trip, they were interrupted by an eerie howl that carried throughout the forests and trees and lingered, echoing, as it continued on. The unsettling clip, according to cryptid researchers, could actually point to evidence that the mythical Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, could actually exist.

A cryptid is an animal that's never otherwise been described or thoroughly researched by science. Basically, the term covers everything from "Nessie," the Loch Ness monster, to the mythical Yeti, Bigfoot's closest cousin. And to some, it certainly seems plausible that some sort of cryptid or unknown creature was heard in the footage that surfaced recently. The howl was captured on video by hunter Gino Meekest near Sioux Lookout in Northwestern Ontario. He was out spending time with his wife and grandson as they hunted grouse on October 3, and they were just over 30 miles away from the next town when this piercing howl shook the skies around 7 p.m.