Rogers Reports. Malayan Hairy Man. Half Human Half Ape, Cannibals Terrify Villagers.

A Number of Reports of Three Creatures described as Ape Like with Canine Teeth have been reported over a number of months to Govt Officials. Described as Tall, Very Broad, With long matted hair and Long Fangs that can be seen when the mouth was closed. The creatures had hair on their faces and a horrible stench.

Seen by many of the villagers on the Rubber Plantation and also along the River, the Creatures also came very close to humans with one man stating the female Creature had grabbed him around the waist.  When he ran off in an attempt to escape, she did not follow but stood laughing at him.

Some people refer to the Ape creatures as The Trolak Wildmen. For all of the story please listen to this video.


  1. Very interesting and there are many tales of Ape-men creatures from S.E. Asia, the Orang Pendek being one.
    My favourite tales came from the island of Flores, where locals had been reporting for years that an aggressive tribe of waist-height people were raiding their villages and kidnapping their babies.
    Around twenty years ago, Archaeologists were excavating a cave near there and found fossil bones of miniature people. These creatures were named Homo Floresiensis after the island they were found on but are more commonly known as Hobbits.
    Seems ironic that even though proof for their existence lies within the fossil record, the villagers stories have yet to be believed !!!


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