Stone Shed Wood Strangeness 2014

i went to our local wood to do an urban art project for uni.  i had to photograph my area and collect items and make a statue with them.  so i had two cameras and my sketch book and pens.  my mum is a cryptozoloogist and is doing wildman research in the area, and she came with me and helped me get in, its really overgrown and nettles and brambles are everywhere.  we walked and mum and me collected sticks and pebbles to use, we got to a bit thats closed in and quite and there were sticks in the branches of the trees, we laughed and right next to us was a really loud knock on a tree, mum clapped and the knock came again just nearer but to the left.  i was startled but i decided to stay and sketch.  my mum went to look for animal tracks and as soon as she was gone, i heard a quiet voice whisper and a reply whispered back, this went on for about 5/10 mins and i just tried to ignore it and sketch. but it kept happening, i was so shocked i said outloud, is it ok for us to be here, and i heard a whisper back, but i could not make it out.  when mum came back i told her what happended and i knew there was something to the right of her in the shrubs, we left slowly and i felt compelled to say thank you as we left.